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Shane Black Wants To Reassemble The Monster Squad

In 1987, a fun little horror-comedy was released to box office indifference. The Monster Squad, a film borrowing its name from a forgotten live-action Saturday morning TV monster ensemble, hit theaters to capitalize on Universal monster nostalgia and the success of films like The Goonies. Unfortunately, Universal monster nostalgia had long since faded in the 1970’s. The Goonies was a hit, but did not spawn tons of similar hits. In time, however, The Monster Squad grew a cult following over the years. Screenwriter Shane Black is seriously – and openly – thinking about a sequel.

Black would gain massive fame as the screenwriter for Lethal Weapon and, later, as the director of Iron Man III. Currently, he is writing and directing the new entry in the Predator franchise and is keeping his options open for future projects. The 1980’s nostalgia craze makes reboots of older films attractive to studios. More impacting on The Monster Squad would be the new Universal shared universe of horror/action movies. The Mummy, The Wolfman, and The Bride of Frankenstein are all in future release pipeline. If these films are a hit, Black figures that a horror-comedy of the “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein” variety would be successful, too. He may be right.

The Monster Squad would obviously have to be updated in a number of ways. Black has said he wants to produce a direct sequel and not a remake, but the odds are greater the film would be totally rebooted instead of being the second part of the first film.

Most young persons who would buy tickets for a new Monster Squad never heard of the original. A reboot would suit them better.