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Farrah Abraham Announces Breakup On Twitter

Farrah Abraham has been in media headlines a lot over the last few years, and it’s not without reason. According to Steve Murray in an article on the New York Post, Farrah Abraham was the original star of ‘Teen Mom’ on MTV, and many people consider her to be the best looking female of the show’s history. In fact, Farrah Abraham is currently a model that gets paid to show off her incredible body. Nonetheless, many fans know about Farrah Abraham’s adult film career.

A couple of years ago, Vivid Entertainment offered Farrah Abraham $1-million dollars to appear in a pornographic video with male porn star James Dean. Of course, Farrah Abraham did not deny the money, and she appeared in the film with the male actor. Farrah Abraham’s XXX film was met with incredible controversy, and some people couldn’t believe that a young mother would exploit her child to that type of publicity. It should also be noted that Farrah Abraham appeared in more than one film with James Dean, and she learned an incredible amount of money from the experience.

Farrah Abraham believes that any young woman would do what she did, but I’m not so sure about that. Nonetheless, Farrah Abraham has actually been in a serious relationship with Simon Saran for quite some time. However, it was revealed on MTV that Farrah Abraham recently broke up Simon via Twitter. Fans of Farrah Abraham are worried about her, and many people believe that the former ‘Teen Mom’ star should check into rehab.