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Robot Probes of Fukushima Show Deadly Levels of Radiation

Even though it has been over four years since the massive tsunami destroyed the Fukushima Power Plant, the government of Japan and researchers are still studying this modern day meltdown. Most recently through the use of a robot probe that had been sent into the number one reactor on a ten hour mission to gather samples and survey the damage inside the crippled plant. Unfortunately the robot became stuck and shut down its operating systems after only three hours but not before gathering some eye opening video and radiation samples. The samples of radiation taken were high enough to kill a human being after one hour of exposure at 9.7 Sieverts, and the video showed steam rising in different places as signs there are exposed and melted radiation rods putting off heat throughout the plant.

A second robot expedition was planned for next week, but first researchers must determine why the first robot had stopped working. It was designed to operate beyond the level of radiation it was exposed to but for some reason failed. The leaking radiation from the Fukushima plant has been long feared to be causing radiation fallout in Canada and the United States western coastlines. However, these levels are miniscule and would not even expose a person like Ricardo Tosto to the amount of radiation contained in an X-Ray at the doctor’s office even if they were to swim in the waters for six hours a day every day of the year.