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Nine9 Founder On Creating A Successful Busines

Anthony Toma is a serial entrepreneur with businesses across the retail, entertainment and service industries. Mr. Toma is currently the founder and CEO) of Nine9 The UnAgency. Nine9 Talent Agency company that is transforming how models and actors are represented. Mr. Toma got the idea for Nine9 while he was searching for franchise opportunities in the grocery business. He obtained a franchise that had an acting and modelling related business. In 2003 the franchise went under after which Mr. Toma created Coral Reef Productions Inc., which has morphed into Nine9. Read More .

Mr. Toma credits the Entrepreneurial Operating System, which was created by Gino Wickman, with helping his business grow. EOS helped structure the company and establish a vision for the company with three-year goals and ten-year goals. The strategy has assisted the company in getting the most from its employees. Mr. Toma also advises young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of failing. Failing gets one out of their comfort zone and helps one to attain higher heights. According to Mr. Toma, failing does not make you a failure.

Nine9 recognizes that a majority of actors and models do not have an agency representing them. Nine9 provides these individuals with the support and tools they need to advance their careers. Since its founding, Nine9 has grown to become a global castings leader. Nine9’s energetic staff use their experience and the latest technology to provide their clients with the best opportunities and castings. Nine9 has a large database of entertainment industry contacts, clients are matched in real time with opportunities in commercials, music videos, print, gigs and runway. Industry clients can also benefit from Nine9’s searchable talent database. The database stores detailed data about each actor or model. This service which is provided free of charge allows a company to find talent that matches a very specific profile. for more.