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Investor George Soros shows his support for debt relief in Ukraine

There has been a recent uprising in Ukraine which has had undesirable effects in the country on History was made some time back when citizens took on the streets. The citizens face the police with live ammunition but triumphed as their voices and pleas were heard. The protests show that the power of the people lie in the people themselves. It translates on the elements that impact one’s behavior. For the Ukrainian’s citizens, democracy is more important than an individual’s well-being. George Soros too highly seconds this. He believes that for any democracy to prevail, there should be unity in the nation and the European Union should join hands in supporting the unity. The EU however seems divided at the moment as it trying to put a line between creditor and debtor countries.

Mr. Soros has been passionate about the situation in Ukraine. He has written a couple of articles that explain the situation in Ukraine and tries to find its solutions. The division in the whole of Europe is a clever trick for Russia especially with the current negotiations involving Ukraine. According to Soros, the progress that Ukraine has gone to make a new nation could fall back if Europe doesn’t intervene. Ukraine definitely benefits Europe highly. A fall in Ukraine means a fall in the EU.

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As a great supporter of change and the new Ukraine, Mr. George Soros has had decades of experience with other countries that face similar challenges. He is therefore proud to announce a strategy he calls the winning strategy. The strategy has circulated among international organizations and European authorities. In the strategy, George advocates that the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the EU to Russia are just not enough.

George Soros pinpoints that the path to success for Ukraine is going to be on financial assistance provided by multiple international bodies. Such a financial assistance is going to bring in a better budgetary support for the country. He advocates for other incentives on people from various companies and private sectors that would like to invest in Ukraine. Apart from the massive social reforms, he states that large scale investment is going to attract several foreign investors to the Ukrainian economy.

The European Union has managed to provide to Ukraine financial aid. However, George Soros that claims that all the amount received by Ukraine is going towards expanding it economically and implementing new reforms that will make the country stronger. George Soros has had a full investment in this way and has proven to be worthwhile.

Mr. Soros has always been in favor of nations and creditors that offer debt relief and help to Ukraine. In his article for the New York Review Books, he states that the current Ukraine’s debt situation is likely to drag on such as the debt situation experienced in Latin American countries with the 1980s. The most recent debt situation is that of Greece. Mr. Soros is an investor himself and understands why bondholders may never opt for a debt relief for Ukraine. However, he asks that investors to be sympathetic towards the country’s current situation as opting for a default will result to a demise in the economy.