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The Black and Silver Superman Suit May Grace the Screen

The black and silver Superman suit may be making a long-awaited return. The suit has appeared in the comics, but no Superman actor ever wore the black leotard suit with the silver “S” logo emblazoned on the chest. Traditional may soon be spun on its head as indicated by news emerging from the production of Justice League. Superman actor Henry Cavill has noted the black/silver Superman suit may appear on the new film.

The change in costume does make sense to anyone who knows a bit about comic book history and, in particular, Superman history.

In the aftermath of “The Death of Superman” story arc published in the early 1990’s, D.C. Comics followed up with two more story arcs: “Funeral for a Friend” and “The Reign of the Supermen”. The former dealt with a world without Superman and the latter focused on the eventual rebirth of the “deceased” Last Son of Krypton.

In the comics, when Superman was brought back from a coma – he wasn’t fully dead, he was near death and his body’s solar cells were being recharged – the hero wore the aforementioned black suit.

Those who watched Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman met a demise based loosely on the original comic book death. Of course, Superman is coming back to life. This is no secret. Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics have already announced a direct sequel to Man of Steel and Superman’s appearance in Justice League was never in question.

No one expected the makers of Justice League to tip their hat to the black suit from “Reign of the Superman”. Granted, no one has confirmed the presence of the black suit but there is no reason not to take Cavill’s hints seriously.