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The Summer Song for 2015

There is going to be a summer anthem that rocks every year. So far the people that have had the summer songs have been able to build a career. Last year Tinashe took over with “2 On.” Robin Thicke blew fans away with “Blurred Lines” a year before that. Now there are new contenders that are trying to take over the summer.

Many players are in the race for the summer hit. Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears may have a hit on their hands with “Pretty Girls.” The Iggy hit “Fancy” was explosive last summer, but she had a rough time bouncing back with more hits. This hit sort of overshadowed the rest of her album.

Other people like Wiz Khalifa has also had a hit this spring with “See You Again.” The song may be able to ride into the summer, but there is a fault to the song. It is a slow song that make people tear up. It is hard to get a summer song that is a sad song. People like to dance and have fun during the summer. The summer hit has to have this type of vibe.

What people will notice is that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have a hit on their hands with “Uptown Funk.” Christian thinks this is the type of song that has managed to become a hit right now, but people may tire of this.