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“Suicide Squad” Director Regrets Downplaying Joker

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has confirmed that he should have made the Joker into the main villain of last year’s Suicide Squad movie.

The 2016 film focuses on a group of supervillains who carry out missions for the government in exchange for privileges and reduced sentences. Over the course of the movie one of their members, an evil demon called the Enchantress, goes rogue and tries to destroy the world after summoning her brother, Incubus. The rest of the team is forced to stop her.

It was an interesting choice for a main antagonist, but one which also fell somewhat flat. Meanwhile, the Joker appeared in the movie, had an important connection to one of the main characters (Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, his kooky but less vicious ex-girlfriend), and, as a more “street level” antagonist, did not massively overpower the team the way that an apocalyptic demon managed to.

The Joker was played by Jared Leto, who notes that a lot of his scenes were cut from the film.

Director David Ayer, who admits that he was more or less constantly rewriting the film as they shot it, also concedes that the Joker probably would have been a better main villain than the Enchantress. Responding to a tweet saying as much, Ayer said “Believe me. I agonize over this. Yes. Joker should have been main bad guy.”

The good news is, he has a chance to correct that error—he is said to be directing a spin-off called Gotham City Sirens, which will have Harley Quinn team up with other female villains (traditionally Poison Ivy and Catwoman). Perhaps “Mistah J” could be the main antagonist there? Not much is known about the project yet, so we will have to wait and see.

Suicide Squad Actor Discusses Bad Reviews

Suicide Squad’s release featured the proverbial good and the bad. The box office was good and the reviews were bad. Star Joel Kinnaman has gone public on his feelings about fans and detractors.

Kinnaman played Rick Flag in the film, a film that has pulled in over $300 million worldwide in only two weeks. Kinnaman stated he read about two bad reviews and then ceased. He was more interested in hearing positive news from fans who enjoyed the experience of following the adventures of “the worst heroes ever” on the screen.

Suicide Squad definitely was a financial success and a sequel is likely. The negative reviews were massive. Rotten Tomatoes displayed a mere 26% – give or take a percent – positive reviews.

Reportedly, director David Ayer produced a much more serious version of the film. However, when Batman v. Superman opened to horrible reviews, Warner Bros. panicked and opted to recut the film without Ayer’s input. The end result was confusing and a bit jumbled. Hence, the film received a ton of bad reviews.

Kinnaman suggested the expectations on the film were way too high. Some could not help but be disappointed after being hyped up for a brilliant new comic book movie. To a degree, this may be true but the harsh re-editing of the film by the studio did not exactly help the narrative. A confusing narrative does not exactly lead to a great film.

Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment positively do have to correct the course these movies are on. If not, then audiences are going to lose interest in the product produced by them. That means Marvel will have the superhero genre all to its own.

Suicide Squad Pumps D.C. Comics’ Sales

Suicide Squad has been a total critical dud. No one denies this. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice also garnered some truly awful reviews. Both films earned big money at the box office, but have not been able to reach Marvel’s box office success levels. The old-fashioned D.C. Comics, however, are reaping huge rewards.

Suicide Squad is in theaters right now and Batman v. Superman has hit DVD and Blu-ray. A lot of hype and marketing buzz surrounds both of these films. Marketing noise is needed here to sell tickets and move units. If there isn’t a decent marketing campaign, no one is going to really care about the movies. With a great – or just a loud – marketing campaign, a host of other fiscal benefits are going to be achieved. Toys, merchandise, and, yes, comic books are going to get caught up in the hype.

Reeling from poor sales, D.C. Comics knew it needed to change things up. The D.C. Rebirth was put into motion. Rebirth was another reboot concept. The key here is D.C. wants to connect the comics line with the new Warner Bros./D.C Extended Universe films. The reboot strategy combined with Suicide Squads success has led to a massive spike in D.C. Comic sales. Several books are selling well over 100,000 copies. Not every book in the D.C. line has seen a boost, but the ones that did are generating several extra millions of dollars in July. Likely, this will last until August or September and then cool off a bit. Once Wonder Woman comes out, the process should repeat.

Comic book sales may not be anywhere close to what they once were in their glory days, but the figures are looking up. The movie studios deserve thanks to this.

Suicide Squad Approaching $500 Million Globally

While Suicide Squad might be a critical flop, the film based on the DC Comics series is still seeing plenty of people heading to the theater to check it out. The flick, starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith, as well as many others, took in more than it was expected to get last weekend overseas. Deadline reports the movie brought in $59 million by the end of Sunday, and that means that across the pond, Suicide Squad has already generated more than $243 million.

Globally, the number is closer to $500 million and considering it has been on the market for less than a month, there is some talk it could eventually beat what had been the best performing DC Comics moving in Batman v Superman.

While DC has touted the revenues as being a kind of victory for their approach to the silver screen, it should be pointed out the film hasn’t exactly had big competition. This might be the reason the flick has managed to bring in plenty of customers despite the fact that even some fans have come out of the theater quite disappointed.

Of course, comic book movies don’t get the best reviews around and are often considered to be little more than popcorn flicks. That doesn’t mean the films can’t bring in plenty of money from people who love to see their favorite superheroes or supervillains on the big screen.

DC had hoped that Suicide Squad would bring in even more revenue because of the rather original take on the well-trod comic book movie. This film features a team of villains that have all been captured by the federal government. The government now wants to use them as agents against some of the most dangerous entities that exist on the planet and in the universe.

Margot Robbie plays the iconic Harley Quinn, who has long been known as the love interest of the Joker. Will Smith plays a character known as Dead Shot. This villain is a hitman that has such incredible aim he is rumored to have never missed a shit. The group is released from prison with a couple of caveats and are sent out on a mission to take down an evil sorceress before she destroys the world.

Suicide Squad Early Reviews Aren’t Good

First Reviews for Suicide Squad Are Quite Negative

A well-written review can make or break a film’s total draw at the box office.

Suicide Squad is the latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe and has had a ton of hype building up for it ever since the first trailer debuted at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Most box offices have projected that the film will rake in somewhere between $125 million and $140 million on opening weekend.

However, reviews have a huge factor in box office draw and with only a couple of days before it officially debuts, the earliest reviews have not been pleasant, at all. In fact many of them have been outright tearing the movie apart. This is especially bad since Warner Bros. has already been on edge since the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year and that movie was also bashed to death by critics.

As an example of bad reviews, Peter DeBruge of Variety magazine stated that was just another “corporate vision of other recent DC adaptations, most notably Zack Snyder’s sleek-surfaced and oppressively self-serious riffs on the Superman legend.” Others have said that the movie is different from Batman V. Superman and starts off as funny and subversive but becomes predictable and unexciting.

Another review from Vanity Fair stated that the movie is just bad, and not a redeemable bad or bad that results from unfortunate circumstances, just a bad film overall.

“Suicide Squad” Pre-Sales Break August Record:

Suicide Squad is better than Guardians of the Galaxy and Straight Outta Compton . . . at least in terms of pre-sales for a movie released in August. That’s according to Fandango. With the large number of pre-sales, the movie, which features a group of DC Universe villains led by Deadshot (Wil Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is expected to pull in $140 million in its opening weekend. This is despite the fact that Suicide Squad has received mostly negative reviews leading up to its August 5th release date in U.S. theaters.

Should the pre-sales and opening weekend projections hold true, it would seem Suicide Squad will be a profitable movie for DC and Warner Brothers, as its budget came in at $175 million. Still, DC movies have struggled when it comes to receiving more praise than negative reviews from both critics and fans, as demonstrated by Man of Steel and Batman V Superman.

The pre-sales numbers for Suicide Squad have been helped by the extensive media campaign for the movie dating back to last year. Your text to link… The movie also stars Jared Leto as the Joker, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Ben Affleck will also appear as Batman.

Other DC movies on the horizon include Wonder Woman and Justice League, both scheduled for release next year.

Fan Footage Captures Leto and Robbie on Suicide Squad Set

D.C. Comics Entertainment and Warner Bros. Studios are probably not very happy at all that fan footage capturing Harley Quinn and The Joker (Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, respectively) has surfaced on the internet. The recorded footage is in ultra-longshot so we cannot make out any fine details of the characters. The fan who shot the footage was on top of a roof. What we do notice is the mannerisms Leto puts into the character and they are very Joker-like. Also, the white jacket and purple pants the villain wears are right out of The Dark Knight Returns. Leto does not look super-bulky as had been speculated.

Also surfacing is a still video of Leto in Joker makeup with Robbie in her pre-Harley Quinn psychiatrist outfit. Again, executives are probably less than thrilled these unauthorized images are being made available to the public. The still photo doesn’t even look like Leto is in full costume. Was this a rehearsal scene?

Okay, while the executive and producers are probably less than thrilled the footage is leaking, fans are probably more hyped than ever before. Leto does look cool as The Joker and, based on the footage, he may have a bigger role in the film than previously suggested. Reports that he spends the bulk of the film locked up may be inaccurate although the scenes shot here could be from the ending of the movie.

Overall, Suicide Squad looks to be a really fun film and is quite offbeat for superhero movie fare. The squad at along with Brian Torchin feel those elements should make it a hit.