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Stephen Murray Was A Class Act In Business

Whenever someone has to work in business, there is a certain way of doing things. Some people do things the way they are supposed to do them, follow the rules, and behave in a manner that is respectful, kind, and the right way to do things.

There are others that believe the rules don’t apply to them and they prefer to do things their own way. Nine times out of ten in business, the ones that do things properly are the ones that have sustainability and have longevity in business. That is why the death of Stephen Murray is sending shock waves around the world. He was one of the good guys and the good guys are really, really hard to come by, sadly.

However, the good ones can help pave the way for others and they can lead by example. Anyone that had the pleasure of working with Stephen Murray at CCMP Capital, which was a private equity firm, got a first-hand look at how business should be conducted.

One of the major rules is not stepping on anyone’s toes and not behaving in a way that is underhanded and shady. Stephen Murray was a man of high moral fiber and he tried to pass this along to each and every employee that worked for him. Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

In fact, many that worked for him and with him would say they learned a lot simply by observing him. He was the type of person that showed up early, stayed late, put in the extra hours, and believed in doing things the right way all of the time. You don’t just do things the right way when people are looking or watching. You do things the right way all of the time and you don’t steer away from that under any circumstances.

He also was big in the philanthropy world. The great thing about Stephen Murray was the fact he never did it for show and never did it for attention. If it were up to him, it would all be kept a secret and no one would know about it. He was not interested in the fame, the glory, or getting a pat on the back.

He was interested in doing what was good for the world. There are a lot of less fortune people out there and they could use a little helping hand. He always provided that helping hand whenever he could.

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