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Pushing Unnecessary Romances in Star Wars

There have been a lot of talk about the direction of the story in the Star Wars Saga. One of the topics being discussed currently is a possible relationship between Poe and Rey. This can be even more unexpected than a relationship between Finn and Rey. One thing that can get in the way of a romance is the possibility that it is shoehorned into a film. Daisy Ridley has stated that she is not very thrilled about the idea of any type of romance for Rey in Star Wars IX, which is going to be the closing film of the trilogy. Fans are already disappointed with the trilogy so far.

The first film in the sequel trilogy was seen as more of a remake of A New Hope. The Last Jedi was filled with so many twists and turns that it seemed like the theater was playing five different movies. To make things even more disappointing, behind all of the twists and turns was just a remake of The Empire Strikes Back with a little bit of Return of the Jedi being thrown. However, the director of The Last Jedi is considering coming back for a new trilogy in the Star Wars franchise.

There are plenty of possibilities in the Star Wars franchise when it comes to romance. Finn is likely to have someone that he is in a relationship with, and it is not likely to be Poe.

As of what is coming up next, it is likely that the next Star Wars is going to be directed by JJ Abrams who has directed The Force Awakens. There is no telling where they are going to go with the IX one. There have been plenty of twists in the story that has resulted in many disappointments when it comes to characters.

Star Wars and the Push For Diversity

Back when the first Star Wars movie appeared, there was diversity, but only in the form of humans mixing with different creatures. George Lucas didn’t really think of diversity when he shot the first Star Wars back in the 70s. However, he has taken a step forward when he has brought in Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. While most of the actors playing human characters consisted of people of European descent, some of the aliens bore a slight resemblance to other ethnic groups. By the time Return of the Jedi was released, Billy Dee Williams was perhaps one of the only non-white actors to have a prominent role. The only other non-white actor that was recognizable was James Earl Jones, but that was only a vocal role.

Even the prequels seemed to be lacking when it comes to diversity. However, it did a little better than the original trilogy. With The Force Awakens, there has been a strong push for diversity with one of the lead actors being Jogn Boyega, a Black actor from Britain. Rey is played by Daisy Ridley. It seems like this generation of Star Wars leads are more diverse than previous.

The actors are not the only ones that are starting to be diverse. There are plans to bring about diversity to the directors. There are also plans for another Star Wars Trilogy that is not related to the current trilogy. This could mean that it is not going to have anything to do with the Skywalker bloodline or Rey’s lineage.

There seems to be plenty of exciting things happening with Star Wars. Disney is making a lot of deals and working on a lot of projects that are sure to not only entertain but innovate. With a deal being made with Fox, they are surely going to be in control of some of the crowd pleasing franchises that they can develop into new projects. Among the things to look forward to is the complete released of the restored original trilogy.

Darth Vader’s Castle Likely to Appear in ‘Star Wars’ Sequels

Prior to the events of “Rogue One,” fans had no idea where Darth Vader chose to live in his off-time. While the reveal of his castle on Mustafar, positioned close to the site where Anakin died and Vader properly began in “Episode III,” gave us plenty of information on its exterior, details of the castle’s interior remain sketchy at best.


Since Rogue One’s release, Lucasfilm’s story division has worked to unite the franchise’s multi-faceted approach to media. Some of this clarification has included that Vader’s castle has a lava dam that originates from a conceptual art piece by Ralph McQuarrie for “Episode IV.” The various designers and storytellers have gone to great lengths to solidify the details surrounding Vader’s unnamed castle, likely because it will play a part in future Star Wars films.


In an Uproxx interview, Doug Chiang, a VP and creative director for Lucasfilm, shared some of the consistent ideas and themes surrounding Vader’s castle and Vader’s uses for it. The discussion included brainstorming on why Vader chose Mustafar, why the castle looks as it does, and so on, and giving feedback like how Vader chooses to use it to center and calm himself, complete with a rejuvenating “bacta tank” to heal his body. That last point was featured in one of the few internal shots Rogue One viewers got to see. Director Gareth Edwards’ own take on the castle was that it serves as a focusing point for Dark Side energies.


As for how Vader’s unnamed castle might play some role in future movies, Episode VIII’s current narrative includes an antagonist character, Kylo Ren, who is fixated on anything even remotely connected to Darth Vader. This would be more than enough to justify an extended sequence of Kylo Ren navigating the decrepit stronghold to learn more about his grandfather and possibly even more on the ways of the Sith and the Dark Side.


The de-canonized Expanded Universe also gave Vader a castle, Cast Bast, on an acid rain-soaked planet. This site served not only as a stronghold for Vader but also for the seven “Dark Side Elite.”


Darth Vader Banished to Virtual Reality

The Star Wars movie universe kicked off incredibly well with The Force Awakens. It is already the top grossing movie of all time and was able to bring the luster of the franchise back following the disappointing prequel trilogy.

The follow-up films are a big question mark. Rogue One raised a lot of eyebrows when it was learned that there have four weeks of reshoots were ordered in May. Rumor has it that Disney is gravely concerned about the film. Apparently, Rogue One is too dark and has too much of a “war movie” feel.

Now there is news that there will be a Darth Vader film written by David S. Goyer, author of Batman Begins. The catch? It’s going to be in virtual reality.

Viewers will be able to interact with the characters in the movie and, so it is said, even be able to touch them.

Here is the thing about this project. Have you seen any virtual reality projects out there right now? The quality is poor at best. Right now, most virtual reality games and programs have a single environment such as a tavern, and the characters do not move their limbs or mouths.

How can Disney possibly make a movie starring Darth Vader using technology that is clearly in its infancy? How can this possibly work?

Disney decided to make a military movie of Star Wars and the Darth Vader movie is shuffled off to be a pseudo-video game. That seems like an incredibly backwards situation. Almost every Star Wars movie is really a Darth Vader movie. He is a pivotal character that deserves better.