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Bruce Levenson High Bid To Sell The NBA Team

Many people though that the price that Bruce stated in selling the NBA team was very high. He had stated between $900 million to$1 billion but preferred $1 billion. However the bid saw many investors out of the deal for the high bid, but the winner of the bid was Tonny Ressler, who won the bid with $730 million. This was 27% in comparison to what Bruce really wanted for the worth of the team according to Forbes. The profits for the NBA Team certainly are a fortune for Levenson. It has taken him months to get the right bidder of the team. The Hawks have however been a great team that Levenson worked with.
Bruce is the co-founder of the United Communications Group and has been with the firm for over 27 years. His major role in the firm as dealing with acquisitions and he is also a great participatory of the firm’s board membership team. He is a former graduate of American University where he studied Law, a former journalist with the Washington Star and a writer. Levenson co-founded UCG in 1977 and is famous for being a majority shareholder with the Atlantic Hawks LLC a basketball team together with his co-founder of UCG Ed Peskowitz.

Bruce has been active in giving advisories to private equities among participating in other organizations board teams like the Tech Target. He has successfully succeeded in selling the Hawks LLC through the assistance of an investment banking firm. Other than the business he participates in philanthropy with non-governmental organizations such as I Have a Dream Foundation an American organization helping children from low-income families achieve their dream through helping them get the higher education. He and his wife are very active Jews especially I peace promotion and educating young people on philanthropy and strategies of operating non-governmental organizations.

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