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Billy McFarland’s Magnises Card Reaches Out To Millennials

The Millennial generation often feels as though it is being ignored by the older generations, but for Billy McFarland the need to bring Millennials together can be seen in his Magnises Card. Billy McFarland is a top tech executive and entrepreneur often claimed to have been the youngest person in the U.S. to successfully receive venture capital for his planned business; after creating Spling, McFarland is now turning his attention to making sure Millennials get the best options available in terms of credit card perks.

The seeds of the idea behind the Magnises Card came to McFarland when he was discussing the various perks his friends received from their credit and debit card companies; the group agreed a new card was needed that brought the perks Millennials wanted to the industry and the Magnises Card was born.

This black card is not a traditional credit card, but is instead linked to any existing credit or debit card with its own range of perks offered by more than 50 partners. In a bid to keep the card open to as many Millennials as possible a low annual fee is made after a simple application form and a phone interview are completed.

To allow the Magnises Card to become established and grow, Billy McFarland initially limited membership of this black card to New Yorkers and a number of international members who use their perks in the Big Apple. The perks of the Magnises Card include a series of benefits most Millennials will love, and provide a series of access options for everymember to enjoy that include parties and member only events.

Not only is the Magnises Card designed for Millennials to enjoy it is backed by many industry veterans who understand this is a card designed to work hand in hand with existing credit card accounts.