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Darius Fisher: Managing Digital Crises

The Internet is structured in a way that can either make or break you. This makes security of one’s information paramount. By being doxxed (having personal or private information discovered by a third party then released to the world at large) a reputation you may have built for yourself could be undone in a matter of days. Depending on how damaging the leak may be, the damage could be done in a matter of hours.

Many may find themselves caught in a tizzy, and possibly unable to react to the situation in real time. For problems such as these we have people like Darius Fisher. Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, a public relations firm operating out of Austin, Texas, focusing heavily on reputation management and digital marketing. After four years of operation and an expansive staff at their disposal, Status is now operating in New York as well as São Paulo, Brazil.

The team at status prioritize the image of their clients above all else, and their main concern is the rehabilitation of their images, providing second chances to prominent public figures such as executives and politicians. In the time they have been operable, they have handled more than 1,500 clients in 35 countries, collecting a robust portfolio that demonstrates their effective PR strategy.

Their effectiveness isn’t a fluke, but rather a progression from personal experiences. Darius Fisher’s skill is put to work after having to rescue is own image while Status Labs stood accused of editing Wikipedia pages against the terms and conditions of the site, leading to separation from Jordan French, the firm’s other co-founder. From this black eye the firm was able to recover, making Fisher something of an expert in the field of online public relations.

Having spoken at conferences like Impact15, an Internet marketing conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fisher also lent his expertise in managing one’s image prior to crisis. This degree of image management and protection works both as a method of self promotion of one’s digital presence, giving the individual control over how they’re perceived online, a useful tool for anyone to wield. This knowledge of search-engine optimization has also come into play in his business consultancy, which has boosted the revenue and exposure of more than thirty business all over the world.

Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbuilt University, where he majored in economics, helping him in his entrepreneurial career. He’s also spent time working as a copywriter for Agora Publishing and a political consultant with Storefront Political Media.

The Exponential Growth of a PR Firm

In news of online reputation management, Status Labs has reported to have a growth of 939 percent over the past three years. With the new year, Status Lab has made their new statistics that show the company’s growth within the three years that the company has been in business. The statistics show that the company has grown 39 percent from 2014 and 939 percent from 2012.

The President of Status Labs states that the reason behind the large and exponential growth is the company’s expert team that has been able to develop a dynamic strategy for reputation management. In 2015 alone, Mr. Fisher is pleased to say that Status Labs has signed over 160 new clients that offer a wide variety of services. These offered services include finances, heath care, technology, philanthropy, real estate, beauty, politics, and much more.

Status Labs is a company that specialize in online reputation management for people such as political figures, politicians, as well as executives. The team at Status Labs understands the fact that creating a positive online reputation is the key to creating an overall positive reputation. Those who work at Status Labs are able to develop constant material that is processed and put and put onto the first pages of web browsers such as Google.

Mr. Fisher predicts that Status Labs will continue adding individuals to the team in the branches located in Austin, New York City, as well as Sao Paulo. The team that works at Status Labs has already helped over 1,500 clients that are located in 35 different countries all over the world.

Status Labs has been in the business on online reputation management for the purpose of advising people and giving individuals a second chance. Darius Fisher who is the co-founder and President of Status Labs has experience in politics and even worked as a political consultant. With Status Labs, Mr. Fisher has been able to create his vision and has built partnerships and has accomplished both domestic as well as international sales. Mr. Fisher states that his plans for Status Labs have not even been seen.