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Manufacturers increase efficiency with cloud-based systems

Today’s top manufacturers continually seek to leverage their strengths while cutting costs and cloud based technology is becoming increasingly influential in this regard. Many firms are still using on-site solutions however. There are several challenges caused by on-site computing, and an array of cloud based solutions which could help increase industrial efficiency.

The first challenge pertains to supply chain inefficiency. Commercial aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, works with over 7,000 vendors in their supply chain. Interactions with vendors are time-consuming. When dependent on outdated tools and systems, manufacturers like Airbus lose competitive advantage through lost productivity.

Secondly, there is sensitive data. Blueprints, schematics, business models, financial information, and partner agreements make up just a few examples of at-risk data which manufactures handle daily. Manufacturers also face a disproportionately high volume of phishing attacks. To minimize the risk of data breaches and compromised accounts, manufacturers must ensure that users are accessing data securely.

Next, low productivity is an expense in and of itself. IT departments spend countless hours annually updating employee access credentials and retrieving forgotten passwords. This both curtails productivity and delays IT departments with password-result requests.

Finally, organizations are comprised of numerous departments. Many complex parts, often working from various locations, can result in systemic discontinuity. Fortunately, there are solutions.

This array of challenges can be met, and overcome, through cloud-based identity and access management (IAM). OneLogin is a firm offering solutions that focuses on streamlining access, bolstering security across platforms, and helps minimize time spent on changing access credentials when employees join, or leave the company.

Users of IAM based services from OneLogin are enjoying the results. Nate Hauenstein of Chart Industries reports reducing administrative costs, protecting and leveraging investments, and saving time at the IT level.

The Single Sign-On Portal consolidates employee apps for ease of access and increased security. This accounts for increased productivity among users and fewer wasted hours on the part of IT departments.

Moving away from on-site infrastructure can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t need to be. Web Access Management from OneLogin integrates with, and allows secure access to, existing on premises systems.