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Orange Coast College: A college Above the Rest

Orange Coast College, often known as OCC is one of the prestigious community colleges in Costa Mesa, California under a total of 164 acres. It is located in Orange County, adjacent to beaches of Southern California. It was founded in the year 1947 and had its first classes begin in 1948. It is the third populous college in Orange County. It has full accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


It enrolls about 24,500 students each semester, all of whom are pursuing undergraduate courses. It ranks first among Orange County community colleges when it comes to transferring of students to either California State University Systems or the University of California. Classes are offered in fall, spring and summer as well. It has a fascinating motto, which states that ‘we will help you get there’.



OCC has been accredited by many accrediting bodies in California if not all of them. These include Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior colleges, Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiological Technology, American Dietetics Education and the renowned American Dental Association.


Of all community colleges in the United States, Orange Coast College is ranked 65th in the awarding of degrees. This is a great achievement considering the total number of community colleges being 5,000 in the United States.


OCC has over 50 programs, all taking two years and leads to a certificate of achievement and associate of art and science degrees. It also has lower division classes that are transferable.



OCC, also famously known as the pirates, takes pride in modern sporting facilities in the region. It has a range of sports that they participate in, for both male and female. From athletics to beach volleyball, students often participate in all games competitively. Learn more:


Environmental Conservation

OCC recently opened a recycling facility under a five-acre piece of land that cost about $7 million for its completion. This facility serves the entire Southern California. Materials recycled include HDPE plastic, TVs, printers, monitors, facsimile machines, and computers. In return, OCC compensates with few cents to members who have brought items to be recycled. This has helped the community to preserve the environment while getting another source of income in the process. Learn more:


DeNova Open Their Doors to Architecture Students from Orange Coast College

DeNova Homes, a homebuilding industry in California, has started supporting architecture students from Orange Coast College in an educational event. President Alan Toffoli addressed 40 students from Orange Coast College on his campsite and provided an on-site trip of two modeled homes and of Aura, a construction site for a new home complex in Costa Mesa. Learn more:


Allan Taffoli feels that supporting OCC is a way to give back to the community, while also giving an opportunity for future talents to flourish. The residential homes are designed to fit into the Orange County and its coastal line. The homes have three floors with three or four bedrooms on each floor. The yard of a single home is around 2000 square feet, with a garage for two cars and a parking drive. The front yard has three elevations with modern farmhouse, plantation and Spanish themes of the landscape. The inside of the homes include a hand-made designer tile floors covering the entrance, the kitchen, the bath, the countertops, and the designer cabinets. The finishes for the homes are chosen by the buyers from a large list of options that contribute to the individual feel of the home. The prices of the homes begin at $800,000.


Close to the Pacific Ocean, beach lovers can enjoy going to the beach in minutes. Costa Mesa also offers many sports events, famous shopping centers, and entertainment opportunities.


DeNova Homes has been in the homebuilding branch for more than 25 years. Being a private company, each community is served individually with unique designs of construction, tailored towards the specifics of the area. DeNova Homes provides communities with homes that reinforce their original spark.


The college supported by DeNova, OCC, is a community college in the United States founded in 1947. A local neighbor of Costa Mesa, Orange Coast College has exceptional educational facilities with a great technology upgrade on their education. The college gives opportunities to choose among 135 programs among which are the best public nautical programs. OCC is the first community college of choice in Orange County, California.


The Orange Coast Community College Eco-Friendly Recycling Center

The Orange Coast College Recycling Center 16 months in the making is now in full operation. The former one-acre facility has been scaled out to five acres and includes an eco-friendly administration building, state of the art classroom facilities, multiple office spaces, a fully equipped conference room, a medical room, separate showering rooms for men and women, a designated area for cleaning and processing as well as increased parking.


For the past 45 years, the recycling center has been a source of employment for OCC students and motivating factor for community support and mutual commitment. The completion of the recycling center is just one component of the Orange Coast College Vision 2020. Other components include construction of student housing in addition to a new and upgraded planetarium.


The facility does not accept furniture, auto or marine batteries, used motor oil, paint, chemicals or hazardous waste. Learn more:



About Orange Coast College


Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College (OCC) is recognized as one of the largest community college campus facilities in the United States. Each semester 25,000 students have the opportunity to pursue a well-rounded educational experience with the more than 135 academic and career programs that are offered at OCC. The last several years have been marked with change and transition for Orange Coast College. In 2008 a new library was constructed, several buildings were remodeled and upgraded with state of the art technologies and enhancements in addition to creating a new campus park. Academically Orange Coast College ranks high in student transfer and graduation rates on both the state and national level.


Orange Coast College is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges with several additional specialized accreditations. Personal development and enrichment activities abound with a diverse array of student clubs, competitive sports teams, and involvement with the Associated Student Body. In addition to its educational attributes, its campus is situated in close proximity to scenic beaches, dining, museums, athletic excursions, and other activities to satisfy just about any desire for and fun, relaxation or entertainment. Learn more: