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Saw: Legacy May Be Filming Soon

Saw 8 May Start Its Filming in September

Saw first debuted in 2004 as a small indie horror film, noted for its intriguing plot and large amounts of gore. The property was owned by Lionsgate.

Saw ended up being a major hit at the time, making over $100 million worldwide just off of a $1.2 million budget. Director James Wan also earned himself a great career because of the movie’s success as well, so naturally there was more room to make sequels as time went on. The last film in the series was Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, and while it made a decent chunk of money it wasn’t liked by fans, and thus the series ended.

But even being a dormant series for six years wasn’t enough to stop rumors of an eighth movie being made. Normally these rumors are put down but earlier this year there was information regarding Lionsgate that strongly suggested that Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger were hired as writers for the next film. The movie will be called Saw: Legacy, and according to its listing, filming will begin on September 12th and end on October 21st.

A film time of just over a month may not sound like a lot on the surface but given the fact that Saw was always an indie horror film with a modest budget, this isn’t uncommon. Dan Heffner and Oren Koules are listed as producers for the film but as of now, no one has been named director.