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Samantha Bee Apologizes For Ivanka Insult

Following last night’s airing of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the show’s eponymous host has apologized for a moment in the episode that has become a flashpoint of controversy. During a segment on the White House’s immigration polices which have controvesially enabled ICE to separate families of undocumented immigrants, Bee referred to Ivanka as a “feckless cunt” in front of a Twitter screencap of Ivanka and her child as she implored the President’s daughter to convince her father to revise the practice. The comment inflamed many conservatives online who demanded action. Bee issued her apology in a statement to The Huffington Post after several outlets in the media, including CNN who shares a parent company in Time Warner with Full Frontal’s home channel of TBS, criticized her. During the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took time to acknowledge and denounce Bee’s comment.

The controversial comments have come at a serendipitous time for offensive political comments by entertainers. Just the day before the airing of Full Frontal, Roseanne Barr had immersed herself in an even bigger controversy when she referred to former Obama Administration staffer, Valerie Jarrett, as if the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.” In the same time period, Barr also pushed an alt-right conspiracy theory of George Soros being a Nazi collaborator during World War II and claimed he was related by marriage to Chelsea Clinton, which Ms. Clinton immediately debunked. Within hours, many of Barr’s coworkers on the highly successful Roseanne relaunch had denounced the sitcom star’s racist comments and soon ABC pulled the plug on their most successful show. Bee’s comment was snatched upon by conservatives as an example of a political double standard in broadcasting.

Some on Twitter, however, came to Bee’s defense by asserting that Ivanka’s use of “cunt” towards Ivanka should be considered equal to Barr’s racist comment. Kathy Griffin, herself a source of controversy following a photo shoot with a bloodied Trump mannequin, tweeted for Bee not to apologize but defended her subsequent decision. Others noted that the President has said and done much worse than Bee with little to no consequences. Time Warner has yet to comment.