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Rosanne Tweets, The World Reacts

The power of Twitter was never more present than recently with the cancellation of Roseanne Barr’s popular television show Rosanne. So how did a tweet lead to the cancellation of a very popular show on a major network? The answer to this can be found when you go back and look at the whole story. Rosanne made a joke about Valerie Jarrett that was very much in bad taste and the world reacted. It did not take long for the reaction to this tweet to spread. People on both sides of the tweet expressed their feelings taking to the social media platform and letting their support or lack of for Rosanne be known.

A few hours later the network reacted even though the actress had already publicly apologized. this was looked at as an act that simply could not be overlooked. The network was in a position that they had to do something to distance themselves from the tweet and that was when the decision to cancel the show was made. This should have been the end of this, but soon Twitter was overrun again by those on both sides of the issue.

All of this has created a discussion about the actions that those that are in the public eye and how they use social media to express their views. There are those that say those in the public eye should think carefully about what they say in all forms of social media. More and more companies, networks and broadcast platforms are holding their talent accountable for the things that they say when on social media.

The example of what happened with Rosanne Barr shows that many companies and especially those in broadcasting are taking things seriously and distancing themselves from individuals that may present a less than flattering image when they take to social media. There is a lot that these people can learn from this example and hopefully, they will be a little more careful about the things that they say on social media and think about the impact that a joke or comment can have on a company that they work for as well as for their career as well. As time passes more of these companies will be taking a harder stance on those that work for them coming out and making statements that are not reflective of them and their company.