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Zedd and His Many Inspirations

Anton Zaslavski, a soft spoken 25 years old, has been recognized for his new LP, True Colors. Speaking to Rolling Stones Magazine, the DJ-producer talked about his inspirations. Skrillex, whom he studied under as well as Lady Gaga, who he has collaborated with, have inspired him to writer more and more deep and textured music.

This will be the second album that Zedd will release. After hits, such as “Clarity”, fans like Brad Reifler are sure to flock to where ever he is playing. Though known for his DJ skills, Zaslavski has not let the fame get to him. As rephrased, he just wants to do what he wants to do.

Zedd states, that he wants to create different music than “Clarity”. He wants to write what he wants to write whether it be acoustic or back to the EDM genre. Though his hit “Clarity”, initially received low ratings from the record company, Zedd, out of love for the song, would not change a thing about it. Zedd loved the song and that was all that matters. This has inspired him to create a second album, one that will be what he wants and not what the fans want.

Being completely honest with the Rolling Stones Magazine Journalist, Zedd admits that he is more inspired by groups like the Beatles, than EDM. Through his love of the classics, we will surely see a side of Zedd that the public has never seen.