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Isabel dos Santos Creating a Bright Future for Africa

In 2013, Isabel dos Santos was recognized as the wealthiest woman in Africa with wealth worth approximately $3. 7 billion USD. Isabel dos Santo`s mother Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is the former president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos decided to invest her money in her home country by establishing a company known as the Terra Peregrin where she creates job opportunities for many people. This act of spending in Angola is admired by many since it’s not common for wealthy Africans to invest and improve their countries economy.


Isabel dos Santos believes that everyone has equal rights regardless of gender or race. She as a role model for many people as she has excelled in various fields. Isabel dos Santos has inspired many people in Africa and the world at large. Most cultures in Africa do not empower women since most of them are married of at early ages Isabel dos Santos has tried to prove that women at most times work more than men hence should be given the chance to start their own companies. Isabel dos Santos has taken the initiative to create awareness about the importance and the power of a woman to the economy.


Isabel dos Santos strives to empower women and the youth as she understands that the young generation if motivated will build a bright future for themselves and the country as well. She natures the young people’s talents as she associates with them share ideas on how to improve Africa. Isabel provides the youth with the necessary resources to become entrepreneurs after sharing business ideas.


According to Isabel dos Santos education is the primary need of the youth hence she urges parents to educate both boys and girls even to vocational training so that they can grow to be independent, creative and innovative. Empowering the youth includes giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions and encouraging them to start their businesses.

Isabel dos Santos through her talks she encourages Africans to adopt a culture which favors each member of the family, she believes that this empowerment will lead Africa to great heights.