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Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery Opening Up New Stand

New Yorkers who love a sweet treat now have a new option for a pleasant dessert. The Mah-Ze-Dahr online bakery will be opening up a new stand in the city of New York at some point in the near future. At present, the bakery’s delightful baked goods are only available in a few select locations around Manhattan. This includes the High Line Hotel, a hotel located adjacent to the High Line, a famous New York City public park that was created from an older elevated New York City train line and has now become a very widely sought after New York City attraction.

Alexei Beltyukov (CnnIreport) has read that the new bakery is expected to open at 28 Greenwich Avenue, a West Village location that will enable the owners to better serve their customers. No details have been released about what kind of baked goods will be sold there. However, the bakery is expected to offer the same kind of desserts that have won them legions of loyal fans in other places. This should include various kinds of donuts made from interested and unexpected flavors. It should also include other kinds of pastries that New Yorkers have come to enjoy from the bakers including moist brownies as well as their highly respected and much praised chocolate loaf cake. The owners are expected to reveal their plans to the public in the near future.

What To Expect When You Visit The Camlin

Ardesia, a trendy new restaurant with a new location in Brooklyn, has the potential to change your mind–and your tastebuds–when it comes to the best ways to prepare classic dishes. One of the stand-out entrees on the menu is the lasagna. At Ardesia, the traditional pasta dish has been braised with bourbon!

Foodies like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG have learned that you can also enjoy entrees that are perfect for a cold day, like braised short ribs served with warm polenta. Desserts include the ice cream sandwich, prepared with ice cream from Oddfellows.

There are over 100 wines to choose from, and you can pair your quality beverage with 15 of the fine cheeses offered at Ardesia, or choose from a selection of four types of oysters.

Ardesia has a neighborhood eatery feel and provides a comfortable atmosphere, while providing a tasty twist on the dishes you came to know and love as a kid.