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India’s QNET and Japan’s Sharp Meet in a Million-Dollar Partnership

QNET’s innovative streak in the health and wellness sector caught the attention of the Japanese tech-leader Sharp Business Systems. As such, the two mega companies have gotten into a strategic partnership which will see QNET be the sole distributor of SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier. This air purifier is suitable for use in both homes and offices, and is bound to provide reprieve from the air-pollution that is rife in industrialized cities. The co-branded product will be sold through QNET’s online platform to its direct users. This win-win arrangement will provide Sharp with access to QNET’s wide customer base and the latter in turn will be able to live up to its healthy-living mantra by distributing an innovative product that improves immunity by creating ion-rich forest-fresh air. Sharp Corporation which was founded in 1912 in Tokyo is a multinational that specializes in manufacturing electronic products. Its headquarters are in Osaka, Japan and has an employee database of close to 50,000 people globally. QNET Sharp is just another feather in its cap.

QNET is a direct selling company with a multi-level marketing strategy. The company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran has customers in close to 160 countries globally and has products ranging from luxury goods to homecare products to energy, nutrition and weight management to fashion accessories. It also provides vacation get-away packages dubbed Q-breaks. Its partnerships with universities such as Swiss e-Learning Institute and SMC University has enabled it to also provide an online portal that allows people to get educated and earn their degrees remotely. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the QI group of companies and its headquarters are based in Hong Kong.

QNET’s multi-level marketing strategy has enabled a lot of Independent Representatives become self-employed and work their way out of abject poverty. This model, often confused for a Pyramid Scheme involves the recruitment of downline distributors who also market and sell the products to consumers. The Independent Representative earns from the sales of products and commission from the sales of its downline distributors, who in their own right are also Independent Representatives. The beauty of this model is the fact that the amount you earn is directly proportionate to how hard you work; everyone gets what they deserve, hence the sky is the limit. There are more than enough stories of financial success, thanks to QNET. With its wide range of innovative, effective products, the QNET brand is not a hard brand to sell.