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High Cuisine Really Might Be Going to the Dogs

When people talk about high cuisine they usually bring some strong associations to the discussion. People imagine immaculate dining areas. They might give a moment to consider complementary beverages that were carefully chosen to bring out a particular nuance. But not many people would immediately think of a dog happily gobbling up food from his bowl. But all that might change after one reads a recent news story from the Daily Herald.
The story highlights a surprising trend in the world of healthy and organic foods. And that’s the fact that it’s now being marketed to dogs. This might seem surprising at first. But the article highlights some of the reasons why this makes perfect sense. The examples all feature foods that are modeled after things humans would enjoy as well. This ranges from dog food styled after lasagna to chicken and turkey blends. It becomes clear that fresh and organic ingredients lead to food that’s sure to please anyone. Whether that’s a human or a dog. After all, anyone with a dog can attest to the envious looks they give when near a dinner table.

While the examples themselves are new, the idea itself dates back as far as 2001. This marks the date when a company called Beneful first launched their line of dog food. They started out with a seemingly simple idea. They wanted to create a high quality dog food brand that could deliver all the benefits of a balanced diet. Just as the name suggests, nutritional benefit was their first goal. But it quickly became clear that taste would be just as important.

Beneful discovered something that the previously mentioned brands are only just now realizing. They found out that great nutrition and great taste usually go together. Beneful worked hard to create blends of natural ingredients that would keep dogs happy and healthy. But the mix of healthy meats and vegetables also came with the benefit of great taste. It’s something that chefs of all kinds can attest to. Fresh natural ingredients always come with a great flavor as well. Because of this Purinastore Beneful was able to offer dog food that was both nutrient packed and delicious. And continued to create new healthy recipes right up to the present day. Beneful is available via