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New Campaign Shows Off Beneful Purina Pride

Dog owners everywhere adore their pets. They know that their pets need the best possible nutrition to stay in good shape. This is why dog owners look to companies such as Beneful to help them keep their loving companions in good health. A new advertising campaign by pet food provider Purina seeks to help remind pet owners how they work with the company to feed their dogs high quality dog food from Beneful. The new campaign will be shown on television. Purina aims to help remind dog owners everywhere that they can work with the company to give their dogs the ideal nutrition. The I Stand Behind Beneful advertising campaign was filmed at the company’s Atlanta, Georgia factory. Dog owners are reminded that Purina cares deeply about the health of their pets. They share the aim of the owners to help provide the best quality dog food for all dog owners who purchase this product. Associates who work for the company help remind many viewers that they are also adoring pet owners who have pets they love at home. They also have beloved animals that they feed Beneful dog food on Walmart Stores to each and every single day. Each employee of the company shown in the advertisements aims to help their fellow pet owners in any way that they can. The current campaign started off as an internal rally after criticism of the Beneful line was made by outside sources. Those who work for Purina to help produce and supervise the creation of the dog food want to remind their customers just how much they care about providing pet owners everywhere with dog food they can trust and feed to their dogs. The campaign showcases the company’s devotion to quality and their determination to help assist their fellow pet owners.