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Norka Luque Is Not The Traditional Music Star

Venezuelan musician Norka Luque has not taken the traditional road to success as a musician and singer followed by the majority who enter this industry. The chance to enjoy the musical talents of Norka can be placed at the door of respected Latino music producer Emilio Estefan; the producer has been working with Norka throughout the 2010s as she has released a number of successful singles and albums crossing over a range of genres. Norka Luque has been creating a buzz about her singing talents throughout her life and was given her chance to be a musical star by Estefan in 2008.

As with most musicians who achieve global fame Norka Luque has been travelling the world looking for new influences and musical styles throughout her adult life; which eventually led to the arrival of Norka in France where she looked to pursue an impressive range of artistic pursuits. Luque initially looked to develop her artistic side by studying the culinary arts during her time in France, but also knew she would need to understand the business side of the artistic industry and set out to study marketing and fashion for her own future.

Norka Luque has been singing and performing music since her childhood when she looked for a wide range of artistic outlets that would take in the traditional Venezuelan and Latino practices, and a wide range of universal music and dance classes that she has used to develop her skills as a musician. Dance has played an important role in the life and career of Norka Luque as she has become proficient in a range of techniques from ballet to flamenco styles. The singer has also spent a large amount of her life honing her musical talents through lessons in piano and vocal styles that she now shows off in her professional career.

The career of Norka Luque has taken many twists and turns as she has found success across a range of musical styles with her most famous songs, including the single and album released in 2012 bearing the same name, “Miracle”. Luque found success in the U.S. with dance and urban versions of her most famous songs and was nominated for Venezuela’s female pop artist of the year as she broke out to become a major musical star.