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More about Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has recently been appointed to a top civilian panel monitoring the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). DeVos is the oldest son of Amway founder Rich DeVos and husband of U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. Dick DeVos is the ex-CEO of Amway and has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors.


Self-described aviation geek and pilot, DeVos has been credited with bringing SouthWest airlines to Grand Rapids. He has been instrumental in raising around $130 million in donations for five civic buildings in downtown Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has always been involved in the advancement of Grand Rapids. In 1991, he objected to the construction of a multi-purpose sports and convention arena in north downtown. He believed that this sports facility would be detrimental to downtown Grand Rapids as had been witnessed in other places such as Detroit. DeVos’s efforts led to the creation of “Grand Action,” a team of business leaders who are credited with changing the Grand Rapids skyline.


Dick DeVos and Betsy Devos founded the foundation called Great Lakes Education which is a school choice advocacy group. This organization along with others has been successful in fighting a proposal to form a committee to decide about opening schools. Betsy believes that the answer to the problems in the education system lies in local control which means listening to parents and offering them more choices.


The DeVos’s influence extends well-beyond Republican politics and the conservative causes they are known to support. The DeVos family has contributed more than $138 million to leadership programs, arts, and health and human services. The couple made the most significant donation of $12.5 million towards the 2006 construction of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, named after Dick’s mother, Helen DeVos.


The DeVos have not always been successful in gathering favorable public opinion. In fact, voters rejected the DeVos-sponsored constitutional amendment to have tax-funded vouchers enabling students to attend private schools in 2000. Six years later, Dick lost an expensive campaign for governor.


These setbacks have not stopped the DeVos’s to advocate the causes close to their hearts tirelessly. The tax-funded vouchers for students were eventually instated in some form in 24 states and the District of Columbia.


Their efforts towards education and other social causes have led Betsy DeVos to be appointed as the U.S. Education secretary while Dick DeVos will be a part of the FAA. Learn more:



Dick DeVos’s History As A Businessman, Philanthropist And Political Organizer

It’s really hard to say what Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. is about in only a few words because he is about so much. From running a big corporation and starting up his own business on the side to organizing economic development committees, serving on multiple education administrative boards, fundraising for political candidates and and even being involved with art competitions and sailing races, it never seems to end with DeVos. His most recent return to the national stage happened when his wife, Betsy Prince DeVos was chosen to become the 11th US Secretary of Education. That’s only one of a handful of events dotting the DeVos’s timeline.


Dick DeVos was influenced by his father, Richard DeVos Sr. in business and philanthropy as DeVos Sr. has started numerous foundations of his own and began the DeVos’s main company, Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos achieved his education in business and economics from Northwood University before beginning a 20 plus year career at Amway. It culminated with him becoming CEO in 1993 and building a new partner company known as Alticor during the 10 years he ran Amway. His main business focus has been investing through the financial holding company he and Betsy started known as The Windquest Group. This company is spurred growth in renewable energy initiatives, boxed water technology, home storage solutions and several non-profit groups including ArtPrize.


Dick DeVos began his work in education in 1990 when he ran for the Michigan State Board of Education and held office there for 2 years. He and Betsy began organizing grassroots-based scholarship programs for K-12 private schools, and in the 2000 election even funded a voucher and credit measure that could amend the state’s constitution, though it did not pass. He also became a founding partner of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.


Dick DeVos also brought Grand Rapids leaders together to form Grand Action Committee, a civic organization that was started when Dick DeVos and his friend Steve Van Andel pushed to keep construction of an arena within the downtown of Grand Rapids. He also gave over $20 million to complete a children’s hospital in 2006, and subsequently won the Art of Giving award for it. He’s served with Betsy on the Michigan Republican Party’s various campaign committees, and in 2006 even entered the race for governor, just coming up short in that endeavor. DeVos is also the author of 1998’s New York Time’s top-rated seller “Rediscovering American Values.”


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Betsy DeVos Helps To Keep Education at its Best

One thing that people understand is that the world is constantly changing. In order for people to be able to keep up with the changes, they have to make sure that they are changing with the world. The issue is that some areas in the world are changing faster than others. Among the areas of the world that seem to be changing a little slowly compared to other areas is education. There should always be upgrades to education in order to make sure that the students are equipped enough to take on the changing world with the skills needed to handle the new jobs and technology that has been developed. Read more about her philanthropy at

Fortunately, there are people that are doing everything they can to make sure that they students are getting the education they need to move forward. One of them is Betsy DeVos. She is someone who is very passionate about making sure that the children are getting the highest quality of education possible so that they will be able to be productive and creative throughout their careers. She has looked at many of the factors that go into the quality of education that the children get throughout their childhood. She has also done what she can in order to make sure that they are getting helpful education.

Among the factors that Betsy DeVos has addressed is the funding for good equipment as well as the community in and of itself. There are tons of poor communities that leave children vulnerable to all of the issues that come with such an impoverished environment. Therefore, Betsy has run different campaigns in order to make sure that they are able to get the best education possible to move forward. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

Among the factors behind the quality of education that students get are the types of skills that they learn that are applicable to their lives. Betsy wants to make sure that they education system is adequate to prepare children to support themselves throughout their lives. For one thing, if they are not prepared to handle all of the responsibilities that come with life, then they are going to have a hard time adjusting.

George Soros Continues To Fight As Donald Trump Takes The Presidency

The shocking election victory of Republican Donald Trump has had a number of effects on members of a Democratic party who were trusting exit polls predicting a large victory for nominee Hillary Clinton. George Soros is a major donor to the Democrat party who has recently spent his time and money trying to get former Secretary of State Clinton elected, but has made it clear the victory of Donald Trump is not the end of his political work as a major battle looks set to take place over the political future of the U.S.

George Soros is one of the world’s richest people with an estimated fortune of around $25 billion, a large portion of which he has used to extend the cause of democracy around the world. Well known for his liberal beliefs, George Soros has become one of the major donors for the Democrat’s in the U.S. and is reported to have provided around $25 million in donations for the Clinton campaign; the funding of Clinton’s campaign was not limited to her personal Presidential fund, but included around $10 million in donations made to Super PAC’s supporting the former First Lady.

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The Hungarian hedge fund expert is well known for his deep knowledge of the international political scene, including his gamble on the devaluation of the British Pound in the 1990s reported to have made him around $1 billion in a single day of trading. George Soros understands the important role the U.S. plays in the global political arena and made much of the racially charged rhetoric of President elect Trump during the campaigning period for the White House; in fact, George Soros went as far as accusing Trump and fellow nominee Ted Cruz of doing the work of ISIS through their campaigning style.

George Soros is known as an inspiration to many donors to the Democrats and has seen many major financial donations made following his own return to U.S. political giving for the first time since 2008. The continued support of George Soros as Democrats looks to make gains in the 2017 and 2018 state elections will be important in keeping funds flowing in from traditional supporters. One of the major reasons some believe Soros made the decision to appear at the Democracy Alliance event just days after the 2016 Presidential election ended is to reassure other donors the Holocaust survivor is not turning his back on the party. In the wake of the victory of Donald Trump, George Soros began fighting to protect the legacy of of President Barrack Obama many feel will be destroyed by the first 100 day agenda of the incoming Trump Administration.

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George Soros Attends a Closed Door Meeting in Washington

George Soros is one of the richest liberals in the United States of America. Just like his fellow rich men, he has spent millions of dollars to support democrat’s presidential candidates. However, in the recently concluded elections, things didn’t go like they had planned as the Republican presidential candidate stole the show. It’s for this reason that these gentlemen are attending a closed-door meeting on Investopedia in Washington DC. The main aim of this meeting is to come up with a strategy that will be used to oppose the new president’s plans. The meeting is taking place at a hotel called Mandarin Oriental hotel and began two days ago. This meeting has also been sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club.

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This meeting will be graced by influential leaders of various liberal groups as well as leading unions in the US. Nancy Pelosi, the leader of House Democratic, is also attending the meeting. Other prominent people in this meeting include Senator Elizabeth Warren as well as Keith Ellison, the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus on This meeting marks the first of its kind since the defeat of Clinton. According to reports released by the Politico, the main agenda of this meeting is to oppose the Trump presidency. The meeting has also been held at a time when leading liberal are considering to change the approach they have been using in politics. They are also considering the role that the Democratic Alliance is playing. Many liberals also are considering the strategy they will use to win the hearts of the marginalized people as these people are responsible for deciding elections. They can trip the election to the side they feel comfortable with. This issue didn’t take center stage in this elections as Trump managed to win in his stronghold of working-class whites. However, there were issues that were brought out in this election that will be discussed at the meeting such as the role of money in politics and other critical issues such as policies that will be used to fight climate change.

However, a prominent liberal has warned his fellow liberals to learn the right lesson from this election. Some people want to create some lessons for themselves. Some of the major donors of the Democratic Alliance include George Soros, Donald Sussman, and Tom Steyer. Soros had stopped donating to the Democratic Alliance but made a comeback during this campaign where it is believed he donated around $ 25 million to Clinton’s campaign.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary in the year 1950. During his childhood, and early years, he experienced Nazi persecution of the Jews. It’s for this reason that he escaped to England where he attended London School of Economics. Soros has made his wealth by investing in risky currencies.


Conservative Bugbear Soros Rears His Head

In keeping up with what at this point must be a central theme of this presidential campaign season, a throwback to an earlier time has once again made his presence felt. George Soros has thrown his weight and considerable wealth behind the Democratic candidate for office, Hillary Clinton.

Soros hasn’t been around much since he last made noise as a major donor, in 2004. At that time he invested $27 million of his own fortune in an effort to keep George W. Bush from winning re-election.

His failure to boost John Kerry past Bush for the highest office in the land, and the fallout from his sometimes incendiary negative comments directed at Bush and his policies, sent Soros to the sidelines for a time on He likened the Bush administration’s rhetoric to that of the Nazis, drawing the ire of conservative political pundits.

That experience, along with eight years of Democratic occupancy of the White House, led Soros to pull back a bit in recent years. Though he has maintained a presence in giving to favored political causes, it’s nothing like the concentrated commitment he has made to defeating Donald Trump. That, coupled with his appreciation for Clinton’s candidacy, has led to Soros throwing his hat back in the ring to the tune of $25 million in 2016 so far.

Soros has spread the wealth around, donating $7 million to a political action committee (PAC) that supports Clinton called Priorities USA, $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC, and committing $5 million to Voting Rights Trust. American Bridge 21st Century, a PAC focused on defeating Donald Trump has received $2 million, and various other Democratic-favoring PACs and committees have all received $700,000.

Ironically enough, another reason Soros had curtailed his political giving, at least in the American arena, was his concern over the amount of influence a person of his financial stature could impose on the democratic process. That’s reportedly why he has chosen to spread his wealth across a number of different causes this election.

While Soros’ giving may again seem to be driven by his desire to keep one particular candidate, Donald Trump, from being elected, it’s also fair to say that he is motivated by his desire to see Clinton ascend to the position often described as “leader of the free world.” Soros had soured on Obama after initially supporting him during his first successful election campaign. It’s said that the business magnate was less than impressed with Obama’s pursuit of certain liberal policies once in office.

Soros may not be as vocal this time around, but it is clear that he is once again fully engaged in the U.S. political arena.

Dick DeVos Backs Rubio For President

Dick DeVos is one of the few business people in the U.S. who has impressed me with his dedication to supporting good causes throughout the world, particularly in the area of education. The good impression I have of the former CEO of the AmWay Group means his decision to back a particular candidate for the U.S. Presidency holds a large amount of sway on the way I myself will vote; in a recent Detroit News article Dick and a number of his successful family members have revealed their backing for the campaign of Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Presidency.

After finding success in a number of different areas of business and philanthropy I was surprised to discover just how successful Dick DeVos had been in his career, which Wikipedia states has seen him listed as the 67th richest person in the U.S. in 2012. The fortune built by Dick through his involvement in the AmWay group (see MLive review of Dick’s time at Amway) and the Orlando Magic NBA team is impressive, but the philanthropic work of DeVos and his wife Betsy has been even more striking in my own opinion.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I have followed the opinions of DeVos throughout the 2016 election cycle from his support of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush through to his current backing of Florida based Senator Rubio. I was already aware of the close relationship the DeVos family had built up with the lawmakers of Florida after their involvement in a recent legal battle over education reform in the state; the dedication DeVos has shown to education reform in the U.S. is an area I have been extremely impressed with. The good impression I have of the DeVos family was added to with the news that the backing of Dick DeVos for Marco Rubio has been matched by the financial support of his father Richard, who has provided around $250,000 in financial support for the Rubio supporting Conservative Solutions Super PAC. The unified front the DeVos family maintains shows how the continued support of their close relatives has been of support and assistance to the family as a whole.

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George Soros Defends Refugees Against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is one of the world’s top billionaires with a fortune estimated at $4.4 billion. He ranks position 121 on the Forbes 400 list. He is an accomplished investor and billionaire with presidential ambitions in the forthcoming elections.

Trump has always been a people person though most of his remarks border the controversial and politically incorrect topics. He has been known to make absurd declarations that divide rather than unite the people of the world. In a recent rally, Trump promised to seal US borders from refugees and Muslims once voted president.

Such sentiments rubbed off wrongly on George Soros, a human rights advocate. Soros argues that extremist groups Such as ISIS have made it their mission to divide the world along religious and ideological lines. He feels that reliable measures should be enacted to conquer this enemy. In his opinion, the extremist groups cannot be allowed to progress with their agenda and the ideas being fronted by Trump only hand victory to these groups.

George Soros demanded political maturity and responsibility from Trump and his allies. The refugee crisis and heightened insecurity can only be solved with a clear and open mind. Soros told Trump that his actions gave extremists sympathy and the refugees might join such groups. George Soros further warned the ISIS group in Syrian and Iraqi territories of defeat by determined European nations.

The Syrian refugee crisis has given Soros and his charity groups lots of sleepless nights. Soros works with a network of humanitarian organizations known as the Open Society Foundations. He founded these organizations in 1979 at the prime of his career. Soros dedicated all his wealth to the Open Societies thus contributing to their establishment in over 100 countries. In 2011, the OSF had an annual expenditure of almost $1 billion dollars.

Through these organizations, George Soros contributed to the victories of South African communities during the Apartheid struggle. Numerous scholarship opportunities were given to students across the nation while political detainees were granted legal aid during their trials. Soros also brought the OSF to Ukraine and Russian in efforts to rehabilitate communities upon the fall of the communist bloc.

George Soros has contributed to a significant extent to the building of a better global community. All his works are available in writing in the form of essays, books, journals and even videos of public forums.