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Holly Madison and Wendy Williams Attack Hugh Hefner

Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison is spilling all the dirt on her former boyfriend and employer. A few years ago, Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner were in a very committed relationship. Unfortunately, the couple broke up, and now it seems that Holly Madison is on a tirade.

According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads, Holly Madison recently wrote a book describing her life inside of the Playboy Mansion, and it seems that Madison’s book is becoming very popular. Not long ago, Holly Madison appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, and Madison attacked Hugh Hefner some more. However Wendy Williams was there to add gasoline to the fire, and Madison didn’t hold back.

E! recently posted a clip of Holly Madison on the Wendy Williams show. It’s quite obvious to see that Holly Madison will stop at nothing. A few days ago, Kendra Wilkinson said that Holly Madison is making it up everything.

Kendra Wilkinson believes that Holly is out for revenge. However, Holly Madison claims that Hugh Hefner abused her mentally and physically. Holly Madison also said that Hugh Hefner is not used to a woman that talks back, and Wendy Williams was angered by that comment. Madison and Williams laughed at Hugh Hefner and his old ways. Holly Madison also described her first romantic time with Hugh Hefner, and she said it was miserable.