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A Film Crew Helps Avert a Tragedy

Recently, the BBC broadcast Planet Earth II, a nature special covering a number of environmental issues. In one segment, viewers watched some newly hatched sea turtles experiencing confusion as they struggled to find their way to the ocean. Reportedly, young sea turtles depend heavily upon moonlight in this process. The spread of artificial urban lights in their environment causes them to become confused, and a high percentage perish. The scene upset and shocked audiences.


Fortunately, the newly hatched sea turtles filmed in the documentary met a kinder fate. After filming the segment which showed confused hawksbill turtles on the beach, the film crew joined volunteers from a local conservation group in helping the confused creatures locate the water. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, a conservation organization, had assisted the filming of the documentary, which seeks to raise awareness about this issue.


Today critically endangered, the beautiful hawksbill turtles possess striking shells with a serrated appearance and distinctive mouths. They reside mainly in warmer, tropical waters, including the Caribbean Sea, where they perform a valuable role in maritime ecosystems. Some experts believe these endangered turtles bear a close relationship to reptiles which existed on Earth some 100 million years ago. Currently, their survival remains in question and they depend upon human conservation efforts and the enforcement of marine mammal protection laws in order to avoid extinction. The fact the young turtles filmed in the recent televised documentary survived gives everyone a reason to celebrate!