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Pizza Hut Set a Sales Record During the Super Bowl

For many people Super Bowl Sunday is all about cheering on their favorite team to win the Big Game. And for just as many others Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food, specifically pizza, specifically Pizza Hut Pizza.

The company recently relaunched their menu and more than doubled their menu recently, and it appears as if the strategy is working for the company. Doug Teferh, spokesperson for the company says, that not only did the company sell over $10 million dollars worth of food in a single day, but the pizza chain beat its previous record before halftime.

Much like Domino’s did several years ago, Pizza Hut added menu items including offering more toppings and different kinds of crust, with a focus on more artisanal style pizzas as opposed to its traditional pan style pizzas.
Pizza lovers like Lee slaughter know that another reason for Pizza Hut’s record breaking sales, is likely because they redesigned their website and created a new app, both of which surely attracted new customers and made it easier for customers to order their pizzas online. Convience is a big part of most Americans decision making process, especially during an event like the super bowl, so it is likely that played a huge part.