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Pierce Brosnan Makes 61 Look Good

Pierce Brosnan, who used to play 007, he is currently 61 years old. Not only does Pierce not look like he’s 61 years of age, but he looks absolutely riveting. Pierce was found on the beach recently, and while he was coming out of the water, pictures were taken of him. Pierce. Pierce still has a great body, and he looks much younger than his actual age. Although Pierce hasn’t been 007 for many years, he still continues to keep up with his health and his fitness.

Pierce was replaced by Daniel Craig as 007, but he is still remembered fondly for the role nonetheless. In fact, a new 007 movie will be coming out in the near future, and the title of the movie has already has been chosen. Now back to the beautiful Pierce Brosnan with his great looking body but hairy skin. Although Pierce looks great, he could use a shave or two!

Pierce has joined some of the few stars out there that look great past the age of 60 such as Tina Turner or Kevin Seawright. Many stars these days are trying their best to keep up with their looks once they reach the age of 40 and beyond. There is a movement of stars that are showing off their curves as well as their looks once they reach 40 or higher. No matter what, Pierce Brosnan looks great, and he should keep up the good work.