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Greg Secker: Do Not Be Afraid to Try New Things

Greg Secker, a motivational speaker and the author of several books, once explained his strategy for achieving success. He said that he would test out a strategy and try it. Once it was proven, he will push on the gas, so to speak, and accelerate it. He also says that many people have a great plan but fail to follow through because they are afraid of doing so. Perhaps they are afraid of losing money, so they do not want to invest anything in the plan. However, the biggest thing you should fear is fear itself. This means that you should fear not doing something that would have turned out to be a great success. That is why his business strategy is so good. You do not have to jump all in at once. Instead, test out each strategy and plan. Dip your toe into it. Once you see that it works, then you can invest a lot more money and time.

Greg Secker said that as time went on, he learned to do more research into the markets he was entering. For example, he had a plan to launch a branch in India. He thought it would be a lucrative market. In the end, after he had already invested thousands of dollars, he learned about some regulations that would have prevented him from allowing people to trade in India. That is when he knew he had to only study the markets more and learn about the regulations. He even hired an entire compliance team to inform him about different regulations in different countries.

Greg Secker says that you should not rush through life. Rather, you should enjoy the journey as you go through it. When thinking of a plan, you should visualize the result in your mind’s eye and mentally go through the required steps.

Greg Secker became Vice President at Mellon Financial at the young age of 25. A few years later, he retired to do forex trading full time.

Greg started Knowledge to Action Group to help others do what he did.