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Marc Sparks

Renovia Inc, a company co-founded by Marc Beer will start production of new pelvic floor disorders products. The production starts after the company on Tuesday closed a $32 million Series B, together with venture debt of $ 10 million. The med-tech company which is based in Boston is generating numerous products for diagnosis and therapy of pelvic floor disorders treatment. These disorders include urinary incontinence that is approximated to affect 250 million women internationally. In April, the company’s first product Leva got approval from the FDA.

The Series B round was led by Perceptive Advisors based in New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri. The Longwood Fund also joined the second round. The Longwood Fund is a company investing in health care which earlier financed Renovia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Marc Beer stated the company’s excitement to have the support of the three groups that lead in healthcare investing. He further said that the company’s form factors and innovation, and proprietor sensor technologies combined with the digital platform will offer customers important data. These data will enable options for new technologies and enhance the knowledge and comprehension of the pelvic floor conditions. The data will also lower the cost of health care in the long run.

In Aug. 2006, Marc Beer co-founded Renovia with Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias, MD. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science from Miami University. Beer brings over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization to the company. These experiences are in devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostics. As a co-founder, Beer managed to close a series A funding with one of the top healthcare venture capital funds.

Aside from working at Renovia, Beer has worked in several other companies. He was ViaCell’s founding chief executive officer and Erytech Pharma’s board member. Beer also held different positions in Genzyme which included global marketing’s vice president. Additionally, he performed various roles in the sales and marketing divisions of Abbott Laboratories. Marc Beer also served as a member of various organizations. These include the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Miami University Business Advisory Council and Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Learn more: