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Images from It Released by the Director

Anticipation over the new version of Stephen King’s It has been building for quite some time. Illustrations of the new version of Pennywise were released and fans loved the imagery. Recently, director Andy Muschietti gave the public a look at storyboard art and production images. Fans are thrilled again. The countdown for the release of the remake is on and fans cannot wait.

The drawings and photos are a bit creepy. A vintage 1970’s-style missing poster for one of the characters definitely is scary. The film is not going to be lighthearted – although Pennywise can be darkly humorous at times – and the feature is going to wallow in the terror found in King’s original novel.

In the 1980’s, It was a huge bestseller. The success was no surprise since Stephen King was at the height of his popularity at the time. Adaptations of his works were a mixed bag. No one knew what to expect from the 1990 TV mini-series. Once the mini-series aired, the two-parter was heralded as a classic.

A remake was in development for years. The project was well on the path to production until disagreements between the studio and original director Cary Fukunaga led to It seemingly returning back to the development netherworld.

Andy Muschietti quickly landed the directing job as New Line Cinema did not want to see It languish. Muschietti seems to be relishing the job and wants to create the definitive film version of the novel. Creating a work that tops the 1990 version is a tall order, but Andy Muschietti is up for the challenge.

His enthusiasm is translated into fan enthusiasm, which may make the new It a hit.