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Bernardo Chua Established Organo Gold With A Unique Business Model

Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold or Organo in 2008 and serves the company as the CEO. The business model is based on network marketing and offers premium coffee, tea, OGX body management products and dietary supplements for an active lifestyle. Organo is based out of British Columbia and has introduced Ganoderma to the Western world. This is an Asian herb commonly used for medicines. Once the product line was developed, Organo was launched. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has since expanded the line of coffee which is sold through an independent distribution network and website. Customers are able to receive shipments each month. Organo Gold has become popular all over the world and is sold in fifty countries. When the products are used together, the benefits are maximized. The reason Organo is so unique is because the products contain an herb from the Ganoderma mushroom called reishi. This herb is contained in all the products. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold built their reputation on their numerous flavors of coffee but the energy supplements and detoxification products are becoming popular. Two new supplements have been released in the OGX line. OGX XT was created for a natural energy boost. The company also created the X4Ever program. This links customers with the OGX community and provides motivation, education and encouragement for lifestyle goals while assisting with an obstacles.

Organo Gold is also involved with philanthropy. They help youths across the globe by sponsoring the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation has fed, educated and nurtured children at risk in India, Nigeria, the Philippines, the United States and Mexico. The coffee culture is strong in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and has been for decades. Each city has their own unique trends. For some areas, it is based on immigrant culture and in others on major coffee chains. Despite the different cultures, coffee is highly valued.