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During the 2015 financial year, Nexbank Capital Inc., a financial services company reported strong consolidated financial results. The company was able to reach the record levels of earnings, assets, loans as well as deposits. The success resulted in an increase in the net income to slightly over fifty three million dollars and a 35% growth on the return on Average Equity. A remarkable percentile increase was also noted on both assets and deposits. According to a statement released by the bank’s CEO, the bank has annually improved their asset and deposit channels while carefully managing all the risks and expenses.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results
Nexbank Capital Inc is a financial services company whose services are based on three core businesses. To begin with, the company offers commercial Banking services that are divided into six categories namely; the commercial real estate lending, corresponding banking, commercial real estate lending, credit services, treasury management and agency services. Secondly, is the mortgage banking services that entail; warehouse lending, wholesale and correspondent lending and becoming a client. The third core business as managed by the company is investment banking. The services that are offered in the investment banking department include real estate advisory, industry coverage, operations advisory, corporate finance, mergers and acquisition advisory and finally the recapitalization and restructuring.
The headquarters of the bank are located in Dallas, Texas where it is the 17th largest bank. The bank was established in 1934 and has a total of 91 employees as of March 2016. The Chief Operating officer of the bank is known as Matt Siekielski and the Chief Executive Officer is Mr. John Holt. The goals of the organization include expanding the business in the US as well as strengthening the products and services they offer. Nexbank seeks to provide high performance solutions that meet the needs of its clients.