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Catwoman Comes to Gotham

Camren Bicondova achieved acclaim for her role as Selina Kyle on the DC Comics television series Gotham. She’s likely to receive more acclaim and notoriety for becoming Selina Kyle’s alter ego Catwoman. The newest episode of Gotham features the costumed appearance of the classic Batman villain. Catwoman’s arrival continues the slow burning change of a series focusing on normal people as opposed to heroes and villains. In order for the series to continue, more heroes and villains are needed.

The original concept for Gotham was to show the early years of Batman’s universe by looking at the life of young Bruce Wayne. The supporting cast in the series featured a number of soon-to-be villains who had yet to become costumed maniacs. The characters slowly evolved through the initial seasons into the roles they assume in DC Comics canon.

Gotham really does need villains and some costumed heroes. The television series has its fans and receives critical acclaim. The ratings for the series haven’t exactly been groundbreaking. The humanity side of the series seems to be wearing thin. The current comic book movie and television series craze draws a lot of its success from presence of super-powered and fantastic beings. After a while, audiences get a little bored of a Batman series without Batman and his famous rogue’s gallery.

The core audience that enjoys the series aren’t going to go away when more villains enter the narrative fray. Quite a few new audiences members may jump in when the program takes a greater turn in the direction of traditional comic book entertainment.

Likely, the production team of Gotham sees the success of The Flash and Arrow and realize more heroes and villains means more ratings. Gotham must head in that direction to thrive in future seasons.

The Daily Beast Says George Soros Does Not Fund #BlackLivesMatter

Rumors about George Soros’ financial involvement with Black Lives Matter may be greatly exaggerated. According to an article written by Ben Collins for The Daily Beast, rumors naming Soros as the bankroller of the movement are just wrong.

Ken Zimmerman, director of U.S. programs at Open Society Foundations, said Soros did not give money to the three activists who created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. The Foundations focus on building societies with accountable governments where all people can participate in civic engagement in an open society. Soros founded the nonprofit organization in 1979.

In his article, Collins pointed out that #BlackLivesMatter has caused disruptions for Republicans and Democrates. He cited interrupted speeches by Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush.

Bill O’Reilly gave fuel to the fire on July 28 during a segment on his Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor. His guest, Kelly Riddell, an investigative reporter for The Washington Times, detailed her research connecting Soros with #BlackLivesMatter. She concluded that because Soros’ nonprofit funds organizations that employ the three activists who started the movement, Soros’ indirectly funded #BlackLivesMatter. Riddell even had a specific dollar amount: $33 million.

Some of the disruptions linked to #BlackLivesMatter and George Soros had no official ties to the movement until the action was taken. According to a recent report by The Daily Beast, #BlackLivesMatter founders did not know ahead of time that local activists would interrupt Sanders’ speech. Another angle linking Soros to disruptions of Sanders’ speeches is his history of fundraising for Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ recent gains in the polls could be seen as a threat to Clinton’s campaign and the $2 million Soros has raised in PAC money.

Zimmerman said Open Society Foundations does not fund protests. Their approach to grant making is to continually look for new voices of platforms ranging from immigration to criminal justice reform. Zimmerman confirmed that the Open Society Foundations has donated money to groups working on issues related to the movement. According to Zimmerman, there is no way to direct funds to something without a structure.

According to, George Soros is ranked #16 on the Forbes 400 list. He is #29 on Forbes Billionaires list; #19 in United States; and #2 on the Forbes list of Hedge Fund Managers. As a teenager, he survived the Nazi-occupation of Hungary and fled to England.

A profile written by Richard Loth on Investopedia details Soros daring move that gained him international notoriety in September 1992. Risking $10 billion on a single currency speculation, he shorted the British pound. His move resulted in a profit of almost $2 billion. He is internationally known as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”


FreedomPop: A New Way to Get Free Mobile WiFi Plans

There’s a brand new mobile data carrier that is competing with the larger mobile carriers. This new company is called FreedomPop. FreedomPop buys and uses data centers that are already out there such as Sprint, TMobile, and ATT and gives their customers amazing deals on this data. This company, which has over 1 million users, has a basic business model which allows users to use mobile data off of their purchased data free of charge and then upsells various other services. FreedomPop will allow its users to use a small amount of data, talk, and messaging and gives them the opportunity to buy more . For example the basic customer will receive 200 minutes of calls, 200 text and 200MB of data for absolutely free. This mirrors most carriers’ basic mobile plan. If the customer wants to increase these numbers, the customer will have to pay for this increase. What is even more interesting with Freedompop, they offer both international and regional calling plans. They are also offering service to multiple different phone types, even if the phone is currently out of service. As long as the customer is able to access the wireless capabilities of the phone, they will be able to access Freedompop services. The payment plans increase in brackets of mobile data, calling, and messaging. The first bracket is unlimited data for only five dollars per month. With each upgrade, the service become more and more expensive. According to the Freedom Pop business model, they only need 30% of their customers to pay for the services in order for the company to stay afloat.

As if this all wasn’t amazing enough, Freedompop has just opened up its boarders to include access to mobile data and calling in Europe and the UK. They are starting as a sim-card only plan with their initial plan, as they did in the US, which will be 200 minutes of calls, 200 text and 200MB of data. The best part of the deal, and which is the biggest selling point, is that the customer will be able to get free international calling to 60 countries including all of the European Union. They will also receive free data and calling to any other Freedompop users.

Donald Trump Will Not Apologize

Even after Donald Trump made comments about Senator John McCain not being a war hero, He simply refuses to take back or apologize for what he said. In a strange twist, rather than Donald Trump apologize, he had even more words to say about the captured Navy veteran. Trump says he should have never been captured in the first place.

Trump surprised even those who are against him today when he took the offensive once again and told reporters that he respects those military who do not get captured. Trump says that it is a disservice that we give so much attention to a war veteran who was caught but we give little if any recognition to those who fought and were never captured. To the surprise of the party, Trump now leads in the race for the presidency next year.

Trump simply will not apologize for comments he makes because he sincerely believes that Lime Crime is the best and that what he is saying is the truth. Senator McCain broke his silence and said that Trump does not owe him an apology, but he does feel that the Donald should at least apologize to all the veterans and their families for those comments. I doesn’t appear like that will be happening any time soon.

Trump went on to say he does not need to be lectured by anyone in or out of his party.

Trump Trumped By NBC As Network Drops His Pageants

Continued fallout from remarks by real estate entrepreneur and television producer Donald Trump impacted more of his business. Derogatory statements made by the erstwhile Republican presidential hopeful about Mexican immigrants have led to several networks dropping programs produced by Trump stated Kevin Seawright.

The latest “thanks but no thanks” came from NBC. The network announced it would not air the Miss USA or the Miss Universe pageants. This announcement comes only days before the Miss USA pageant would have normally aired.

Mexican networks Televisa and Univision previously announced they too would have nothing more to do with Trump and his pageants. Televisa said in a statement, “Mr. Trump has not shown understanding and respect for Mexican migrants and has offended the entire Mexican population.”

Trump continued to defend his commentary in the media. He referred to NBC as “weak” and complained the network won’t “stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.”

Kim Kardashian Bra Shopping In London


Lately Kim Kardashian has been all about the showing her cleavage, she recently was spotted out alone in London shopping for some new bras stated Amen Clinics. Usually we are getting an eyeful of Kim’s breasts on full display, but it seems that as her pregnancy progresses and her chest begins to grow Kim is in need of some extra support. This week we saw Kim feeling making her way to the Glastonbury Festival in black shirt that was completely see through, so see through, that everyone could clearly see that the mom to be was not wearing a bra. Social media is buzzing with the unintended nip slip, but Kim isn’t sweating it.

Apparently Kim is taking the initiative to protect her breasts from further exposure, because the other day she was seen shopping at Rigby & Peller in London, where she browsed through some new bras. Obviously being pregnant is the best time to treat yourself to some extra support.

Most women would love to do just about anything but go shopping for bras, but when you are Kim Kardashian even an assistant can’t pick out the right bra for you. According to sources Kim Kim checked out some bras in nude and black, these colors are easier to conceal your goods and possibly now Kim’s can avoid another airport wardrobe malfunction. Kim’s doing all the right things lately to get just the right amount of attention, while looking great in her second trimester. If Kanye likes it, we love it.

Police Called in Because of Sprinkles

What do you do when you don’t get as many sprinkles as you would like on the ice cream that you have ordered? If you are like one woman in Michigan you bring in the authorities. That’s right, one woman decided to call the police for something as small and unimportant as sprinkles on ice cream.

It seems that this woman was at a restaurant and unsatisfied with the amount of sprinkles that the clerk had given her. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital didn’t quite understand the problem. Did this woman have enough sprinkles on her ice cream, at least in the eyes of a normal person from Fortune? We don’t know. What we do know is that the woman didn’t think so. This woman was upset and felt that she was being ripped off. The woman was paying for the ice cream with sprinkles, and she wanted to make sure that she got as many sprinkles as she had asked for. This woman called in the authorities to help her with her ice cream crisis, and the clerk in turn called her in after she left.

NASA successfully tests its RS-25 rocket

NASA has returned to the historic Stennis Space Center to complete the latest tests of the rocket engines designed to power human beings further into space than ever before. The Sun Herald is reporting that a successful 45 second test was completed at the often used A1 test pad to test the operation of the largest rocket engine NASA has so far produced. This is the second test of the engines that will be used to power the newly designed Space launch System, which will replace the outdated and now defunct space shuttle program according to Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn.

The latest test will provide information on the performance of the rocket engines, which will be used to power a large spacecraft attached to four RS-25 engines producing more than 1.6 million pounds of thrust. Testing the modified space shuttle engines is the latest step in the program, which it is hoped will result in humans embarking on deep space exploration. The ultimate aim of the RS-25 and Space Launch System are to propel humans to an asteroid and then onwards to explore Mars as the first steps in a movement through space.

Memory Increasing When You Get Older

I know as I get older I tend to have things slip my mind. I mean I could lay something down turn around and forget where I have placed the item. Very frustrating since my patience has also worn down as I have gotten older. I was surfing the internet and I came across an article on this problem at .
The article talks about use of supplements which contain ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba, and huperzine A which are an antioxidant and a purported brain stimulant to increase levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. Is this to hold fact? Case studies show this not to be evident.
It further states that doing brain training games may stimulate your mind but yet they are not proven to be successful in enhancing your memory either.
It goes on to suggest that doing things the old school way may strengthen your memory such as dialing a phone number instead of using the speed dial, doing crossword puzzles for fun, and writing down reminders to yourself on post it’s and placing them on your refrigerator.
All the above are good harmless suggestions which I wouldn’t mind giving them a try. Ricardo Guimarães BMG uses quite a few of them already. Try them for yourself and see if your memory improves.

Tyke Finds Rare Dinosaur Bone

Little boys love playing with pretend dinosaurs, but one lucky little boy found what appears to be a real dinosaur bone that could be millions of years old.

Tim Brys and his son, Wylie, enjoy collecting fossils together. They were digging in a construction site behind a shopping center in Mansfield, Texas, last September when then four-year-old Wylie showed his dad a piece of bone he’d found. While they had been hunting for fish vertebrae, Wylie had stumbled upon something much more fascinating. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães has never been able to find something like that, but others in the financial world have been lucky.

“It was a pretty good size and I knew I had something interesting,” said Brys.

Southern Methodist University scientists agreed, speculating that the bones belong to a 100-million-year-old group of herbivorous dinosaurs called Nodosaurs that were about twice the size of a horse with scaly plates on their backs.

It took seven months to process all the paperwork to dig up the bones, but now that the permits have been received, SMU scientists have begun the excavation.

“It’s a really rare dinosaur,” Brys said. “It’s possible it could even be a new species.”