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Australian Aboriginal Culture Touted in New Netflix Film

This month, Netflix released Cargo, an original film invoking themes of zombies and a global apocalypse. Set in the deserts of Western Australia it stars Martin Freeman, Susie Porter and Simone Landers. The dark film offers vivid cinematography and an original spin on the conventional horror pandemic motif.

The movie opened to largely positive reviews, including a favorable write up on the website. One distinctive element in the production involves the decision to portray the traditional intuitive Aboriginal culture in Australia as furnishing a survival advantage during the downfall of a doomed consumerist society. A strikingly high percentage of Aborigines don’t contract the ravaging illness which decimates other people in the movie.

A Film Debut

Actress Simone Landers portrays Thoomi in the film. The teen avoids the contamination of a grim zombie-causing pandemic. She crosses paths with Andy, a father desperate to promote the survival of his young daughter. Together they face a challenging trek through a world transformed by a deadly and devastating plague. The film casts talented Simone Landers in her first professional acting role.

A Star With Extensive Credits

Martin Freeman who plays Andy in Cargo by contrast possesses a lengthy series of acting credits. Many viewers in the United States may remember his guest appearance as the devious Lester Nygaard in the 2014 season of Fargo. His roles include portraying Dr. Watson in the British-based Sherlock television series. He has starred in numerous movies (including appearing in recurring roles in The Hobbit franchise based on the J. R. R. Tolkein fantasy novels and as intrepid Iain MacKelpie in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(2016)). The character of Andy in Cargo perseveres with determination despite overwhelming odds against his child’s survival.