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Lonzo Ball Shines During Summer League Play

Magic Johnson seems convinced that Lonzo Ball is the beginning of the Lakers return to greatness. That is high praise coming from one of the NBA’s greatest point guards, however Lonzo Ball’s summer league performance seems to support the Hall of Famers thinking. Ball was recently named this years Summer League MVP. He has had an electrifying summer averaging more than sixteen points and seven rebounds a game. He has had two triple doubles during summer league play.

Lonzo Ball’s presence seems to have energized the Laker fan base. Fans have come out in large groups just to see the summer team play in Las Vegas. Ball has lived up to expectations averaging nearly ten assists per game. Those numbers don’t tell the entire story however. Ball’s unique talent for passing has made the young players around him better. Guys tend to run quicker and work harder to get open when they know a guy like Ball is always looking to find them in just the right spot. Lonzo Ball lead the Lakers team all the way to the summer league championship game, which they may have won had he not had to sit out for injury.

Despite this bright spot, there is still work for the Lakers and Ball. Lonzo struggled in the first game of league play and his shot will need to be much more consistent heading into the NBA regular season. Competition will obviously be much tougher as Lonzo heads into regular league play as well. All those factors considered, Lonzo Ball’s summer performance has to give Magic Johnson and the Laker organization lots of hope moving forward. A team that is used to winning at the highest of levels, may soon be on it’s way back to greatness. Lonzo Ball appears to be point guard ready to lead them there.