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Streaming Music Surpasses CD Sales in The US

Streaming music sales surpasses the sale of CDs for the first time in the United States last year. It looks like Spotify and Rdio led the pack when it comes t streaming sales last year according to the RIAA. Sales as a whole made a huge leap, topping $1.87 billion over the course of the year, up almost 30% over the year before. At the same time streaming sales saw a lot growth, CD sales saw a decline. Compact disc sales were down 12.7% in 2014 over the previous year, accounting for $1.87 billion of the total music sales for the year.

Imaging Advantage employees have learned that leading the pack when it comes to music sales in the United State are still digital downloads. Music downloads from places like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon maintained their spot at the top of the heap last year. Those downloads accounted for $2.57 billion of the total music sales in the United States for the year, an astounding 37% of all of the music sold in the country.

If there’s one thing we can learn from the numbers is that people are definitely interested more in digital music. It’ll be interesting to see if over time those streaming numbers increase even more and end up dwarfing the digital download number.