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RE/MAX Re-renters NYC where TOWN Residential is One of the Top Luxury Agencies

New York City received predictions about the upcoming real estate market, they have already begun to materialize. Because of the increase in sales, Re/Max Realty is re-entering the New York market to prove what real estate agents have been hoping for, which is that 2016 is going to be a spectacular year!

RE/MAX was started by entrepreneur Dave Liniger in the 1970’s, and presently, there are more than 100,000 agents across the United States and around the world. Their MOD is to prosper by selling master franchises and setting up regional offices. RE/MAX also has a unique system of fees and commissions, which empower the agents more than other realty agencies because it allows the agent a larger share of the profit.

Though RE/MAX is making a tremendous comeback, it is essential that they remember that the NYC real estate market is intrinsically different from the local suburban market throughout the other 49 states.

New York will always have a definitive perspective on the economy and the real estate market, which leads real estate agents to recognize and deal with their specific boroughs. Brokers require a tremendous change in protocol from the other states, and they must do their research if they want to be successful in New York.

TOWN Residential has done their research, and they are now one of the top luxury real estate agencies in NYC. Established in 2011, they have only been in business for five years, but Heiberger, the owner, has discovered the secrets to successfully selling and renting in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Heiberger essentially focuses on client service, which is a plus for everyone who uses TOWN whether residential or commercial. Town emphasizes the significance of having a neighborhood-based approach, which they address with their slogan “My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home.”

Catering to the community is central to TOWN’s philosophy of real estate, and they know it is the focus for their clients too. In order to meet their client’s needs, it is essential to have offices in every neighborhood of NYC, and it is these three points that has allowed TOWN Residential to capture the luxury real estate market.