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IT Trailer Breaks All Viewing Records

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Anyone who doubted the potential box office success of the updated version of Stephen King’s IT now has less of a reason to doubt. The teaser trailer was released online and quickly smashed all records. The number of views tallied by the end of the first 24-hour period logged in at 197 million views. That number absolutely and totally crushes the numbers held by previous record holders. Star Wars: The Force Awakens “only” drew 127 million views.


IT may need a title change to HIT. The film has the potential to be one of the biggest horror hits of all-time.


IT is a remake of the classic TV movie version of Stephen King’s outstanding novel. The lengthy TV movie was critically acclaimed, faithful to the source material, and quite scary for a TV outing. The cinematic version is also going to be faithful to the original novel. This time, however, the project comes with an R-Rating. The visceral horror of the novel will be presented on the silver screen and without any censorship filters.


The horror genre has been slumping the past few years. Get Out was a massive box office success showing that fears the genre was on the way out were overstated. A project that is not a useless sequel or a rehash of cliches always has the potential to connect with audiences.


IT is something a bit more intriguing than the traditional horror movie. Yes, creepy clowns are all the rage these days. A newfound interest in insane clowns positively played a role in stirring up similar interest in IT. IT is also one of those rare films that may draw in old and new fans. Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, IT can attract audiences who sat in front of the TV and watches the classic miniseries 25 years ago while also drawing in young ones who want to learn what all the hubbub is about Pennywise the Clown.


All will unravel when the first film is released in the coming months. In a year or so, the second chapter of IT is slated for a debut.



Better Call Saul to Experience A Change in Tone

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Better Call Saul is a great title for a television series. The title for the AMC series pretty much tells the viewers people call on Saul when things get really bad. Maybe the next time someone calls Saul they will need to do so to cheer the poor guy up. The upcoming third season of the series is going to take on a more ominous and darker tone. Reportedly, the lighthearted series will venture into thematic and tonal territory similar to Breaking Bad.


In a way, this is a logical progression. At some point, the timelines of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad do need to connect. The descent of Better Call Saul into foreboding territory definitely would craft the perfect connection to the strange world of Breaking Bad.


Cable television shows do take a lot more chances with their characters and storylines than most network shows. Network shows nefariously like to keep programs going from season to season. A program may enter its 11th season even after being stale since the seventh season. As long as there is a segment of viewers willing to tune in and watch a show, the networks are going to keep it alive.


Cable television is a bit different. The strategy with pay and basic cable channels is to craft a solid narrative, develop it over time, and bring a series to a logical conclusion. If audience interest remains, plans for spinoffs are put in motion. Breaking Bad probably could have survived several more seasons and experienced dwindling numbers. What would be the point of that if a new and fresh series such as Better Call Saul can be made instead?


Ironically, AMC is experiencing ratings troubles with The Walking Dead. The series is trudging onwards with declining ratings and boring plots. AMC might see the value in ending a series at the right time, but ending a series that is a cash cow isn’t exactly a high priority.


Better Call Saul, like Breaking Bad, is a way different program than The Walking Dead. Better Call Saul is also far from stale and can thrive for many more seasons. Changing the tone of the series could help it maintain interest for a number of additional years.


Anson Mount Returns to TV with The Inhumans

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The last television viewers saw of Anson Mount, he was traveling across the Pacific Ocean at the closing moments of the final episode of Hell on Wheels. Mount, a fantastic actor, is returning to television quicker than many imagined. Mount is slated to star as Black Bolt, the superhero who hold The Inhumans team together. The Inhumans may have been canceled as a movie project, but the concept comes to television on ABC.


The move to television seems to be a wise move. The Inhumans would be competing with The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and The X-Men. The Inhumans are not exactly “A-list” heroes. Putting the team on television is a wise move. So is casting Mount in such a vital role. During his run on the AMC western, Mount displayed he could handle both action and complex drama with great skill. While Hell on Wheels was not a massive hit with the ratings, the program maintained a strong cult following. Hopefully, fans of his previous series will migrate to The Inhumans and help the show become a success when it debuts.


Likely, the popularity of superhero TV shows will still be strong when The Inhumans appears on the ABC lineup. In time, Marvel and DC Comics are going to lose their box office and ratings appeal. That time seems to be quite far off. For now, fans of superhero movies and television programs can be thrilled about all the new products emerging from the creative pipeline. The Inhumans is one of the newest — and most interesting — to emerge.


Margot Robbie Will Play Tonya Harding in New Movie

The Olympic scandal that shocked the world 22 years ago will soon be made into a major motion picture. Margot Robbie has signed on to portray Tonya Harding. She was the American figure skater who won the title at the US national championships in 1991 and was considered to be a major contender for the gold medal at the 1994 Olympics. Her primary competition was thought to be American Nancy Kerrigan. A scandal exploded when Harding’s husband and a couple of other men were arrested for attacking Kerrigan with the intent of injuring her knee to the point where she was no longer able to compete at the Olympics. They were unsuccessful in their task. Kerrigan won the silver medal and Harding finished eighth.


Margot Robbie got her career kick-started a few years ago in “The Wolf of Wall Street” when she played Leo DiCaprio’s wife. She was very interested in playing Harding because she believes it will be a great opportunity to challenge herself as an actress. The project has been in development limbo for over a decade because there are several different parties who claimed ownership of the rights to the story. However, an agreement has been reached between the parties involved in the dispute. Therefore, the film has received a green light. Sebastian Stan has been tapped to play Jeff Gillooly, Harding’s husband. He eventually turned on Harding in court following his arrest on assault charges. Craig Gillespie is set to direct the film that will be released in 2018.

Hugh Jackman Helped Make

Hugh Jackman Takes Paycut to Ensure R Rating for “Logan”


There is no more notable figure in the X-Men universe than the character of Wolverine, and equally well known is Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays the role of the aforementioned character.


Ever since the first X-Men movie hit theaters in 2000, the movie universe involving them has grown a lot, from introducing sequels to giving Wolverine, arguably the most popular character, his own series of movies. Jackman’s take on the character has made him even more popular and now he and director James Mangold will complete the trilogy with the release of the third movie entitled “Logan.”


What’s interesting about the new movie is that unlike other past entries in the Wolverine movies, Logan has been confirmed to be an R-rated film and is supposed to have a “violent and western” tone to it. However, one factor that led to the movie being bumped to an R-rating is the fact that according to Mangold, Jackman took a pay cut in order to ensure it would receive that rating. It’s a proven fact that R-rated films don’t do as well at the box office as PG-13 ones so Fox did feel it was a justified response, in terms of finances.


Interestingly enough, rumors of Logan being rated R began to surface after the release of Deadpool in February, which also received an R-rating and broke box office records for both all R-rated movies and ones in the X-men cinematic universe.


Nick Tarabay Cast in Pacific Rim 2

Nick Tarabay Set to Be Cast in Pacific Rim Sequel


The 2013 action hit Pacific Rim, which was directed and co-wrote by Guillermo del Toro, turned out be quite the success. So naturally, all the success meant that a sequel was definitely in the forecast.


The sequel, which is titled Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, is generating a lot of excitement and anticipation now that production is soon to begin. Not much about the production of the sequel is known at this point, but what is currently known is that actor John Boyega will be the leading role in the film and that it is slated for an early 2018 release. Another bit of recently learned news is that now Nick Tarabay has been cast into the film with an unknown role at this point.


Tarabay has starred most famously as the character of Ashur in Spartacus but has had roles in other mediums such as in Star Trek: Into Darkness and as a villain during season 3 of Arrow. Tarabay is now joining alongside other already cast roles including Scott Eastwood, Levi Meaden, Cailee Spaeny and Jing Tian, while rounding out an already diverse cast as it is. Steven S. DeKnight is serving as the director, and has worked alongside Tarabay on Spartacus from 2010-2013.


Del Toro is going to be returning for the sequel but will serve as a producer. The roles for these actors are still not clear but the recent news is still a good development during production.


Suicide Squad Actor Discusses Bad Reviews

Suicide Squad’s release featured the proverbial good and the bad. The box office was good and the reviews were bad. Star Joel Kinnaman has gone public on his feelings about fans and detractors.

Kinnaman played Rick Flag in the film, a film that has pulled in over $300 million worldwide in only two weeks. Kinnaman stated he read about two bad reviews and then ceased. He was more interested in hearing positive news from fans who enjoyed the experience of following the adventures of “the worst heroes ever” on the screen.

Suicide Squad definitely was a financial success and a sequel is likely. The negative reviews were massive. Rotten Tomatoes displayed a mere 26% – give or take a percent – positive reviews.

Reportedly, director David Ayer produced a much more serious version of the film. However, when Batman v. Superman opened to horrible reviews, Warner Bros. panicked and opted to recut the film without Ayer’s input. The end result was confusing and a bit jumbled. Hence, the film received a ton of bad reviews.

Kinnaman suggested the expectations on the film were way too high. Some could not help but be disappointed after being hyped up for a brilliant new comic book movie. To a degree, this may be true but the harsh re-editing of the film by the studio did not exactly help the narrative. A confusing narrative does not exactly lead to a great film.

Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment positively do have to correct the course these movies are on. If not, then audiences are going to lose interest in the product produced by them. That means Marvel will have the superhero genre all to its own.

Suicide Squad Approaching $500 Million Globally

While Suicide Squad might be a critical flop, the film based on the DC Comics series is still seeing plenty of people heading to the theater to check it out. The flick, starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith, as well as many others, took in more than it was expected to get last weekend overseas. Deadline reports the movie brought in $59 million by the end of Sunday, and that means that across the pond, Suicide Squad has already generated more than $243 million.

Globally, the number is closer to $500 million and considering it has been on the market for less than a month, there is some talk it could eventually beat what had been the best performing DC Comics moving in Batman v Superman.

While DC has touted the revenues as being a kind of victory for their approach to the silver screen, it should be pointed out the film hasn’t exactly had big competition. This might be the reason the flick has managed to bring in plenty of customers despite the fact that even some fans have come out of the theater quite disappointed.

Of course, comic book movies don’t get the best reviews around and are often considered to be little more than popcorn flicks. That doesn’t mean the films can’t bring in plenty of money from people who love to see their favorite superheroes or supervillains on the big screen.

DC had hoped that Suicide Squad would bring in even more revenue because of the rather original take on the well-trod comic book movie. This film features a team of villains that have all been captured by the federal government. The government now wants to use them as agents against some of the most dangerous entities that exist on the planet and in the universe.

Margot Robbie plays the iconic Harley Quinn, who has long been known as the love interest of the Joker. Will Smith plays a character known as Dead Shot. This villain is a hitman that has such incredible aim he is rumored to have never missed a shit. The group is released from prison with a couple of caveats and are sent out on a mission to take down an evil sorceress before she destroys the world.

Keira Knightly to Play Sugar Plum Fairy in Disney’s Nutcracker

“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” has been announced to be one of Disney’s live-action films that approach the original classic story from a new angle. It is the latest in a series of films by Disney that are live-action versions of famous stories and fairy tales. The films have brought Disney profound success and include films such as Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book.
A recent article from the movie news website, ScreenRant, reveals that Disney has not released many details for “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” but recently announced some of cast members for the upcoming production. Mackenzie Foy from Interstellar; Misty Copeland, a world renown ballerina; and Morgan Freemen are all set to star in the film with Keira Knightley, who was cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy.
In the ballet version of “The Nutcracker” the Sugar Plum Fairy is only stage for a brief period of time, even though the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” is one of the ballet’s best known song and dance numbers. It is unclear how Disney will approach telling the story of the ballet including whether or not the film will be a ballet. Keira Knightly is an avid fan of ballet and often attends ballet productions, but it is not known whether or not she will need to dance for her roll. In fact, the only confirmed ballet dancer at this time is Misty Copeland.
Knightly will be returning to Disney for the filming of “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” after a nine year absence from their films. She previously played Elizabeth Swan in their popular Pirates of the Caribbean films, which boosted her career. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was the last film she starred in for the studio. She has more recently starred in films such as “The Imitation Game” and “Everest”.
“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” will be directed by Lasse Hallstrom, director of “Chocolat” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” E.T.A. Hoffman whom has created many versions of “The Nutcracker” will be the story creator and Ashleigh Powell, a new screenwriter, will be writing the screenplay for the film. At this time there is no anticipated release date.

Suicide Squad Early Reviews Aren’t Good

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First Reviews for Suicide Squad Are Quite Negative

A well-written review can make or break a film’s total draw at the box office.

Suicide Squad is the latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe and has had a ton of hype building up for it ever since the first trailer debuted at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Most box offices have projected that the film will rake in somewhere between $125 million and $140 million on opening weekend.

However, reviews have a huge factor in box office draw and with only a couple of days before it officially debuts, the earliest reviews have not been pleasant, at all. In fact many of them have been outright tearing the movie apart. This is especially bad since Warner Bros. has already been on edge since the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year and that movie was also bashed to death by critics.

As an example of bad reviews, Peter DeBruge of Variety magazine stated that was just another “corporate vision of other recent DC adaptations, most notably Zack Snyder’s sleek-surfaced and oppressively self-serious riffs on the Superman legend.” Others have said that the movie is different from Batman V. Superman and starts off as funny and subversive but becomes predictable and unexciting.

Another review from Vanity Fair stated that the movie is just bad, and not a redeemable bad or bad that results from unfortunate circumstances, just a bad film overall.