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Twenty And Talented

Imagine being young in your twenties and having your name gracing one of the business publications. The staff at Forbes works around the clock selecting the world’s finest 600 people for this list. Then expert editors slim that list down to what becomes the Forbes 30 under 30, which is a harder list to make than being accepted into Stanford and Harvard University. If you are lucky enough to break Forbes’ 30 under 30 crucial list it is because you boast the passion, will power and game-changing drive needed to get the world’s attention and also have been living just shy of 30 years.

The arts, media, Hollywood, technology, consumer tech, ecommerce, sports, gaming, marketing, you name it are all the categories apart of this list. The year long process has to collect nominations that exceed 10,000 people. Then the judges have to groom the list down to a measly 600 people. These 600 people posses the characteristics of grit, passion and vision. They come from over 50 various countries. They are college educated and college dropouts. They are startup founders and co-founders. They are social entrepreneurs. Floral business owners. Technology startup founders. Pet care company owners. They are actors. They are musicians. There’s a California mayor, U.S. Olympian, wide receiver, real estate disruptor and high school dropout rounding out the list. Some reside on the East Coast and some reside on the West Coast. Some are just under thirty and some are still in their teens.

Most of Forbes’ 30 under 30 honorees believe in having grit. The complete list of the honorees can be found here Your text to link… They believe passion is important and thirdly a vison is a must. Whether these 3o incredible trailblazers work in the same sector or not, they believe in doing good and making the world a better place. Only one percent of them believe fame and fortune define success. The other ninety-nine percent believe what makes this world a better place is doing what you love. With a mindset like that it is pretty safe to assume, these ambitious visionaries will continue to shock and shape the world around us.