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Oren Frank: How to Live a Stress Free Life

Oren Frank is a professional who wants to change society by offering the best mental health solutions. In his blog, the businessman advice patients to seek treatment for different mental problems. According to him, this is an effective way of handling your mental health and keeping yourself healthy. There are many things, according to Oren Frank, that can be done to make mental health better. The doctor always advises you to go for yoga, exercise and deep breathing workouts. There are some few unusual ways of handling mental problems. Oren Frank gives the following examples . Read more about Oren Frank at

Laugh often

When you are depressed, laughing is the last thing on your mind. Oren Frank believes that this activity will help you handle the mental problem and leave you feeling better. Laugh therapy, according to the executive, will significantly improve your emotional and overall health. When we laugh or smile, the body released a special chemical called dopamine. This chemical will leave you happy. Endorphins, known to be natural painkillers, will come when we are happy. Your immune system will get better when you are happy.

Sing whenever it is possible

Oren Frank interacts with thousands of patients every day. Over the years, he discovered that those who sang were better emotionally. Singing is a wonderful activity for the human brain. Singing will bring special vibrations in your body, changing your emotions and giving you a calming effect. You will notice that your energy levels are high when you sing often. Researchers are supporting this idea too. According to them, singing soothes your nerves and at the same time, lifts your spirits. Scientists say that singing will release endorphins that will give your body pleasure. The same chemicals produced when singing are effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Select the right music when singing so that your brain can benefit. When you are feeling low, sing your favorite song, and you will love the outcome. Source:

Talkspace: Simple Lifestyle Changes will make all the Difference in your Mental Health

Mental health has affected the community in many ways. Very productive and influential people lost lives because they did not get help. It is possible to heal and live a normal life after getting any mental illness. Talkspace has many treatment options for patients. Some few lifestyle activities can help you to eliminate the condition. In a blog, Talkspace therapists stated that these coping strategies help millions of depression patients; Learn more about the organization of Talkspace at


After conducting research among patients with depression, Talkspace discovered that working out will reduce the symptoms of depression. During therapy, the professional will ask the patients to work out regularly. By working out, the brain produces some special chemicals that calm the body and mind. By exercising, you will have a healthy routine, making you feel accomplished and happy all the time.


According to Talkspace Reviews, most depression patients find it hard being grateful in life. It is, however, paramount to acknowledge every aspect of your normal life. This simple process will make all the difference in your health.

Healthy eating

Regardless of your health status, it is paramount to eat foods that give your body enough nutrients. The market is full of supplements, drinks, minerals and vitamins that can be of great benefit to people with a mental health condition. Talkspace has a list of foods given to depression patients. During therapy, your therapist will explain the foods that will boost the health of your brain and help with the depression. Many herbal supplements are available for this purpose too.

Medication and being mindful

When you are battling depression, it is paramount to practise mindfulness therapy, meditation and other coping mechanisms. Try to focus on living in the present. Try to connect with your surroundings because it will help to distract you from your mental issues. Whenever you have time, go for yoga classes or look for a technique therapy online.

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Start Talking WithTalkspace

In this generation, research shows that most of the population experience depression and anxiety. In our frenetic society, people are extremely busy and have minimal time for personal contact with friends and loved ones. That’s why counseling today is needed more than ever before. People need a place where they can freely express their burdens and unload their anxieties.

The popular online therapy today is what we call Talkspace. Their services are extremely convenient, jump on to their website or use your cellphone by downloading the Talkspace mobile app. Imagine being able to use your smartphone during your break to cope with how your feeling after just getting chewed out by your boss? Or after an hour-long phone call with your Mom hearing about how “great” your sister is doing? After all, who has an hour to lay on the couch and work through these things?

Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Since being founded in 2012 Talkspace has brought hope and healing through messaging and videos from their licensed therapists. Your introduction to Talkspace begins with being welcomed by a chat box of sorts where you can type in your comments to a representative, enter an email address, a password, and a nickname. Once done with the first step you are led to a secure chat room where you can begin a dialogue with a Talkspace representative about what you are experiencing. At this point, you will be asked a few questions and will be prompted to pay for use of the Talkspace service.

This is an introductory welcoming from a Talkspace representative who is not your specifically assigned counselor. Once you have paid for the Talkspace service you will be paired with a counselor. If at any time you are not satisfied or comfortable with the counselor that you have been assigned, you can write to Talkspace to request a new counselor.

Talkspace utilizes the services of IBM Watson – a computer system that uses predictive modeling. With the use of this system, Talkspaceis able to see whether their customers are happy or not with the counselor they are paired with. Still unsure if Talkspace is right for you? The information stated here is just a glimpse of the Talkspace online treatment and service. You can also visit for reviews and further information.

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Michael Phelps Working with Talkspace to Raise Awareness about the Benefits of Online Therapy

Getting the counseling done at the right time can make a lot of difference when you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Any of the mental health issues can have a negative impact on your life, and if not treated at the right time, it would make it difficult for you to focus on your personal or professional life. With so many people looking to treat their mental health issues without wanting to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, the best way out is to install Talkspace. It is a mobile therapy app that would connect you with the licensed and registered therapist with years of experience. Learn more about talkspace at

Talkspace ensures that each and every therapist they take on board have years of experience and are trained to provide therapy online. If you want to make sure that you do not have to suffer from mental health issues for long, download Talkspace today, fill up a small questionnaire it provides, and you would be connected with the registered mental health specialist almost immediately. The best part is that with Talkspace you do not have to go anywhere to consult with the therapist and can chat or talk with the therapist through your phone while on the go.

There was a time when people believed that online therapy is not effective, but with the effort of Talkspace, mindsets are changing. People are able to get professional help for their mental problems with little money. Michael Phelps had taken the help of online therapy when he was going through a rough patch. He is now working with Talkspace to help people get therapy without having to spend a lot of money like in traditional therapy. He has also appeared in an awareness advertisement by Talkspace and talks openly about his struggle with depression and how therapy saved him. Read more:

Neurocore Offers Relief From Stress

Stress has become an integral part of everyday life. With increased stress, our health is at risk as well. Ineffective stress management has many symptoms and can include sleep disorders, migraines, and increased blood pressure. Stress can also contribute to mood disorders and depression. Our health requires our effective management of stress.

When stress gets out of control the traditional methods of treatment have generally required psychotherapy or medication. Oftentimes lasting benefit requires a combination of both. While traditional treatments can be effective, Neurocore offers another option, biofeedback. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Biofeedback is a technique that uses self-awareness of the body’s functions, often breathing, heart rate rhythms, or brain waves coupled with regulation of these function to retrain the brain’s thinking and behavioral patterns. Neurocore uses two methods of biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) and Neurofeedback Training.

Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) helps bring awareness and control to the breath, which will subsequently control the heart rate. This process aligns the cardiopulmonary system with the brain and will help keep all three systems within normal rhythms and within normal boundaries. This type of training is incredibly helpful in controlling anxiety and allowing a more restful sleep. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurofeedback Training, Neurocore’s other technique, brings further control to the brain. By noting out-of-bounds brainwave activity, as recorded through an Electroencephalogram (EEG), greater control can be gained over thought and behavioral patterns. This type of training also helps reduce stress levels, improving memory, focus, and sleep quality.

Both methods individually have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels, and will improve sleep and energy levels. The Neurocore method combines the two, enhancing each therapies benefits. Migraine frequency and intensity can be reduced using the Neurocore Method and with improved stress management, the mood will improve as well.

With the Neurocore method, there is a third option to the traditional stress management treatments, one that can provide long-lasting benefits, allowing more ways to tackle the complications of daily stress and allow everyone better control over their health.


Working At Neurocore

This particular employee was working with a team of remarkable people as they studied various different medical conditions such as anxiety, memory, sleep, and ADHD and described them as a great team to work with. Of course, the only downside tends to be the erratic hours some of the employees have to work due to their clients coming in at all hours of the night. Sometimes, they even come to these brain performance centers on the weekend and they end up having to work on Saturdays. So it’s not the best work-life balance but, overall, it’s a great company to work for. Many of the employees there have talked about how much they love the work they do for Neurocore.


Since its inception in 2004, Neurocore has become one of the world leaders in the field of applied neurosciences. They currently have nine different brain performance centers sprinkled throughout Michigan and Florida but what is it like working for them? Well, rest assured it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. They currently just have one position available as they are currently looking for a client engagement specialist. One of their former employees reviewed the company, saying the management cares about all of their employees. Additionally, he mentioned that Neurocore offers a comprehensive benefits package including a 401k match, health insurance and paid time off. They also provide a decent salary for all employees. See more information about Neurocore at

One of the reviews, in particular, discussed the process of applying and interviewing for a position at the company. He submitted his application online and it wasn’t long before he received an invitation to interview with them within a week of applying. He went to the interview and received the typical questions you might expect. It was a very casual and informal type of interview which he enjoyed. He was interviewed by two different people. One of them was from corporate while the other actually worked at the performance center. So, in March of 2017, he was offered a position just a few hours after he interviewed and he took the job with pleasure. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.