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Talkspace: Simple Lifestyle Changes will make all the Difference in your Mental Health

Mental health has affected the community in many ways. Very productive and influential people lost lives because they did not get help. It is possible to heal and live a normal life after getting any mental illness. Talkspace has many treatment options for patients. Some few lifestyle activities can help you to eliminate the condition. In a blog, Talkspace therapists stated that these coping strategies help millions of depression patients; Learn more about the organization of Talkspace at


After conducting research among patients with depression, Talkspace discovered that working out will reduce the symptoms of depression. During therapy, the professional will ask the patients to work out regularly. By working out, the brain produces some special chemicals that calm the body and mind. By exercising, you will have a healthy routine, making you feel accomplished and happy all the time.


According to Talkspace Reviews, most depression patients find it hard being grateful in life. It is, however, paramount to acknowledge every aspect of your normal life. This simple process will make all the difference in your health.

Healthy eating

Regardless of your health status, it is paramount to eat foods that give your body enough nutrients. The market is full of supplements, drinks, minerals and vitamins that can be of great benefit to people with a mental health condition. Talkspace has a list of foods given to depression patients. During therapy, your therapist will explain the foods that will boost the health of your brain and help with the depression. Many herbal supplements are available for this purpose too.

Medication and being mindful

When you are battling depression, it is paramount to practise mindfulness therapy, meditation and other coping mechanisms. Try to focus on living in the present. Try to connect with your surroundings because it will help to distract you from your mental issues. Whenever you have time, go for yoga classes or look for a technique therapy online.

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Michael Phelps Working with Talkspace to Raise Awareness about the Benefits of Online Therapy

Getting the counseling done at the right time can make a lot of difference when you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Any of the mental health issues can have a negative impact on your life, and if not treated at the right time, it would make it difficult for you to focus on your personal or professional life. With so many people looking to treat their mental health issues without wanting to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, the best way out is to install Talkspace. It is a mobile therapy app that would connect you with the licensed and registered therapist with years of experience. Learn more about talkspace at

Talkspace ensures that each and every therapist they take on board have years of experience and are trained to provide therapy online. If you want to make sure that you do not have to suffer from mental health issues for long, download Talkspace today, fill up a small questionnaire it provides, and you would be connected with the registered mental health specialist almost immediately. The best part is that with Talkspace you do not have to go anywhere to consult with the therapist and can chat or talk with the therapist through your phone while on the go.

There was a time when people believed that online therapy is not effective, but with the effort of Talkspace, mindsets are changing. People are able to get professional help for their mental problems with little money. Michael Phelps had taken the help of online therapy when he was going through a rough patch. He is now working with Talkspace to help people get therapy without having to spend a lot of money like in traditional therapy. He has also appeared in an awareness advertisement by Talkspace and talks openly about his struggle with depression and how therapy saved him. Read more:

Oren Frank Innovates To Save Lives

A recent study shows that increased temperatures have a detrimental effect on mental health. In fact, rising temperatures are correlated with a staggering rise in suicide rates. This comes at a time when the United States federal government is actively denying the man-made impact on global climate change. This puts millennials into a particularly precarious position. They look out over the economic landscape to see fewer opportunities and higher income inequality at a time when climate change is ravaging the earth. It’s no wonder that millennials, in particular, are showing a rise in depression and anxiety.

Oren Frank, CEO and founder of Talkspace, is attempting to combat this rise in mental illness with his tech company. Talkspace offers up video chat mental health services for just $79 per week. The company also offers a messaging service that costs just $49 per week. And it seems people prefer the messaging service.

Oren Frank has discovered the preference for messaging through his consultation with large companies. Talkspace is contracted to offer up its services to the employee base of large companies. Oren Frank claims that about 10% of the company’s employees begin to use the service while most prefer the messaging side of the business.

These massive companies are concerned about a decline in productivity. The rise in depression and anxiety has had a negative economic impact that Talkspace can help combat. And Oren Frank is poised to take the company public. He has made some bold moves in an effort to increase the company’s valuation.

The mental health services company has recently hired a chief medical officer. Neil Leibowitz comes from United Health with a wealth of connections and experience in the health insurance side of the business. This comes at a time when the company is moving towards prescribing medications through its online services. This will all have a beneficial economic impact on the company’s valuation.

It’s easy to root for this mental health services company. Head on over to Oren Franks twitter feed and you’ll find a man deeply concerned with mental health issues pertaining to the youngest generation in our society.