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“Dr Saad Saad: A Physician Dedicated To Philanthropy “

The contributions that Dr. Saad Saad has made to medicine are many and even after his retirement, the efforts that he has made are still being remembered. While he was raised in the country of Kuwait, the pediatric surgeon was born in Palestine. Dr. Saad Saad has 7 brothers and sisters who have each achieved a lot in their careers as teachers, surgeons, and engineers. The graduate of Cairo University graduated as the 2nd in his class with honors almost 50 years ago. After moving to England to complete his internship in medicine, Dr. Saad Saad decided to immigrate to the United States to begin his career in medicine where he completed his pediatric surgery and surgery residencies and became USA Board Certified.


The Palestinian native was not only dedicated to serving the children in the United States, but he also did several medical missions to help children in Palestine who were suffering from diseases and the injuries of violence. One example was a young teenage boy who was flown to the United States after receiving a gunshot wound to his abdomen. He had difficulty eating because of his injuries and had suffered extensive burns along with the wounds themselves. When Dr. Saad Saad operated on him, he was near the brink of death. The 7-hour surgery that he underwent saved his life and was able to repair the numerous internal injuries that he had suffered.


In 2010, yet another child was brought to Dr. Saad Saad to receive life-saving surgery. The one and a half-year-old little girl had been born with a severe birth defect which caused her intestines to be located outside of her body. While the doctors in Palestine had done their best to try to solve the problem, they were unable to because of lack of technology and experience. Dr. Saad Saad was able to create a cover for the birth defect which gave her a second chance at life after a surgery that lasted approximately 5 hours. Learn more:


While the surgeries that Dr. Saad Saad performed were admirable, to say the least, the missions that he made in Palestine were able to make a long-lasting impact in the country. Not only did he perform multiple surgeries himself, but he also trained the surgeons in the country on how to perform these surgeries themselves and taught them the methods that he had found such success with. The first mission that Dr. Saad Saad took part in was in 2008 during the month of May. Since then, he had continued to make trips to the war-torn country that is still in desperate need of help from qualified medical professionals. He is dedicated to helping the underprivileged children in the world no matter their background.