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Is Black Panther Going To Become A Mega Hit For Marvel Studios?

Marvel’s Black Panther movie is slated to soon begin filming. Details have emerged about the new logo to the feature. A huge amount of fan buzz exists for the film, a film that is sure to be a massive hit.


There are several indicators that this film may be one of the biggest hits for Marvel Studios outside of The Avengers franchise. Issue number one of Black Panther comics sold an amazing 275,000 copies. Yes, the monthly sales quickly cooled off. A quick sales decline seems to be the case whenever a new issue one of a comic book is released. Selling well over a quarter-of-a-million copies is not normal for a super hero book. Marvel’s Star Wars books all sold equally impressive numbers, but the Star Wars franchise is far more popular with the general consumer public than superhero material. Star Wars fans will buy anything with the Star Wars name on it. Superhero movie fans simply don’t venture into the comic book buying world. That is just the way things work to the chagrin of Marvel’s publishing house.


Black Panther’s massive debut sales show there is interest well outside of the standard comic book buying public. Could it be that the many buyers of Star Wars comic books who passed over all those many superhero books could not pass over buying the debut adventure of the rebooted Black Panther? If so, the financial success potential for the movie is going to be massive. Doctor Strange did exceptionally well without indicators of massive popularity. In fact, Doctor Strange was pegged more along the lines of Ant-Man, a franchise that would do well thanks to the “hotness” of superhero films but could never succeed past a certain point.


The ceiling for Black Panther’s ticket selling potential looks to be very high.