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Let White Shark Media Help With Your Small To Medium Size Google Ad Word Business

Let white shark media help with your small to medium size google ad word business. White shark media has been a digital marketing agency since the year 2011. However, In the year 2014, the company made great strides when it was recognized by the Google corporation.


The company has had its share of complaints however, white shark used all the complaints and suggestions of the past to greatly improve their customer services. The company now has a minimal amount of complaints.


White shark media has greatly improved the company since 2011. The improvements have come by a trial and error basis. Clients feedback helped to shape the company. Now the company provides fast friendly client services. The services are via telephone calls as well as fast response to client emails.


The company also provides each client with two telephone numbers. One number is a direct extension to a personal adviser as well as a supervisor clients can speak to. Furthermore, clients can go online to get updates via internet conferences. The conferences are also called GoToMeeting.


The online GoToMeetings allows the clients to see first-hand how their business are profiting on a monthly basis.


The clients wanted a way of seeing first hand how white shark media was helping their Google ad words accounts. Therefore, the company used the client feedback by applying a tracking software.


A flat rate fee is charged to the clients. The clients get things like Google shopping, marketing is done via the white shark media. Experts are walking each client through the process of marketing. With the advice of the expert, The client is guaranteed success.


By entering the Google ad words SMB (meaning server message block) partnership the company continues to grow and offer new areas of marketing. The SMB protocol runs files that can be shared, open serial ports of communication. Even printers can be accessed via the SMB.


The white shark media company now employees over 150 or more people. The company founders have worked extremely hard to improve their company to listen to the compliments and complaints of their company. In fact, the company is now reaching new clients and implementing the reselling of Bing Ads. Bing is another one of the most used search engines on the internet. The same strategies that apply to Google ad word can also be applied to the Bing Search engine.


Each time a consumer does a search and uses a certain phrase or certain words, the clients of white shark media will receive a portion of the profits. The word or phrase can be on Bing or Google or both at the same time. The client still profits from the ad words. All of these improvements have been made from the company founders listening to the client’s complaints and suggestions.