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Nick Vertucci: The Poker King and Real Estate Icon

Nick Vertucci is the affluent founder of the famed NV Real Estate and a shrewd poker player. As a poker player, he has competed against astute players including David Benyamine, Kenny Tran, and James Woods. Nick has been playing poker before becoming a mogul in the real estate industry.

How Nick Vertucci Wins Poker

Over the years, he has advanced his poker game while refining his strategies of establishing wealth in real estate. He employs intelligence bluffing in poker games. This tactic involves discouraging your opponent from playing or telling the broker to increase their offer because you have better terms in the seller’s hand. Nick applies the ability to read the others to determine their opponent’s next move in the game.

Poker game requires players to employ emotional control because it is the key to reading others and bluffing. The game is about being confident to intimidate opponents, improve risk assessment, and keep a player in the game. Poker requires players to be easily adaptable. Change is inevitable in poker, for instance, the flop can turn a game; therefore, an effective player should apply adaptability to play the game. Apart from these skills, Nick Vertucci employs aggressiveness, discipline, and patience in poker. He has participated in international tournaments like World Poker Tournament and Poker After Dark.

Other Achievements

Before venturing into real estate, Nick faced financial challenges while growing up. He joined a real estate academy to get proper training about the industry. After completing his studies, he invested in single-family homes where he purchased fore-closed houses, fixed, and rented them out to tenants. Nick Vertucci also educates aspiring real estate owners in his radio show: The Real Estate Investing Hour. Nick is also the author of Seven Figure Decisions. The books highlight the principles he applied to achieve his current financial freedom.

Nick Vertucci Takes His Business Skills To The Poker Table

It began in 2004, in a pocket-sized city squeezed between East Los Angeles and Bell Gardens. The Commerce Casino hosted a No-Limit Hold’em Championship, enticing 251 players to this 5.6 square mile city with the opportunity to win big in the largest cardroom in the world.

Nick Vertucci was one of the 251 players drawn to the tournament. Four years earlier, Nick lost his computer accessories business to the dot-com bubble, and he was still three years away from founding his real estate investment company. On that day, however, Nick Vertucci discovered his talent for strategy after taking home over $7,500 in prize money.

Moonlighting as a professional poker player is not a typical path for real estate investors, but the skills required to succeed as an investor and as a poker player are the same.

Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur with a head for strategy. Strategy helped Nick survive the dot-com bubble and pivot to an industry where he could thrive, and he’s improved his strategic skills over the past ten years as part-time poker player.

In business and poker, the key is to play both the cards in your hand and the players at the table. A good poker player learns to manage their emotions and keep a level head during big plays, and the same lesson applies when negotiating large business deals. Moreover, in business and in poker, success depends on a player’s ability to adapt and quickly react to the events unfolding on the table.

Nick Vertucci is a formidable opponent. Over the years, he’s played with celebrities and poker heavy hitters, like Don Cheadle and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. And, with more than 10 years of experience under his belt, underestimating Nick Vertucci at the poker table or in business is a costly mistake.

Flipping In No Secret At The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

So many people have dreams of financial freedom, but fail to put those dreams into a lucrative practice. Nick Vertucci followed his dream, and is now a prominent real estate investor who is dedicated to teaching others his system of real estate investing. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded by Nick as a way of bringing solutions to the many challenges that come with choosing a career in real estate. A system and community was created by Nick Vertucci that will allow you to succeed as he did by making millions in real estate.

Nick Vertucci came from an humble beginning. After the death of his father when Nick was ten, his mother struggled to make ends meet, and keep the family fed. Nick was on his own at age eighteen. He sold computers, made a decent living, then married. He is the father of three daughters. His computer business thrived until the crash of 2000. He lost everything except his home. Life was difficult at that time. A friend invited him to a three day real estate workshop which was the beginning of his interest in real estate. He absorbed all that he could at the seminar, then searched for more information on his own.

As his interest in real estate grew, Nick created a system that started to work for him. Using his system of solutions to the challenges in real estate, Nick became a millionaire within a decade. He took his proven system to the people. He wanted others who may have had dreams of being in real estate, to learn what worked for him. He founded The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy with a team of partners who were qualified, certified real estate professionals. He brought his system to the fore front, and it became the paramount of the real estate industry. The NVREA is located in Santa Ana, California. At the Academy, students are taught everything they need to know to face the daily challenges of the real estate business.

The teams at the Academy are dedicated to helping students find their success. They will teach the process of finding the deal, how to properly repair the property, and then how to put the property on the open market to sell. Students will learn how to buy wholesale, and how to flip properties. There is so much valuable information to learn at the NVREA.

Why Susan McGalla Believes that Executive Sponsorship can Mitigate Gender Discrimination at Workplaces

A new survey on performance in workplaces has found out that companies with gender diversity are 35 percent likely to perform better than those without. A company with a gender-diverse workforce can succeed because it is open to new ideas. This is because when both men and women work in the company, they give different perspectives that can help the venture grow.

Executive Sponsorship

In the present day employment sector, women experience difficulty when they are trying to reach high-ranking job positions. Susan McGalla, whose efforts to serve in a high-level position paid off, believes that gender discrimination at workplaces can be mitigated through sponsorship opportunities.

According to her, hardworking women should find an executive who can serve as their benefactor. The sponsor’s work is to advocate for women when they are working on crucial assignments. When a woman receives such support, she is more likely to outperform her male colleagues and serve as an executive.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businessperson. As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she served in the CEO position at Wet Seal and as president at the American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla also provides strategic planning insights to the boards of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute Foundation and HFF as a member. She plays a directorial role at Allegheny Conference on Community.

The University of Pittsburgh also benefited from her insights when she was a trustee of the higher learning institution. Susan McGalla is the creative force behind P3 Executive Consultant, which focuses on executive consulting services. She came up with the idea of P3 Executive Consulting after leaving Wet Seal. Her vision was to create a company that serves high-ranking professionals with consulting services. The Pittsburgh Steelers also hired her to work as VP of business strategy and creative development. She currently works for the company in that capacity.