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Netflix Axes Another Original Netflix Series

As 2017 rapidly approaches, Netflix has announced some changes to its current roster of streamed original Netflix series. The media giant offers a wide variety of films and re-run television series for audiences, as well as some very high quality original streamed programming produced by Netflix.


Earlier this week, Netflix announced it would not renew the historical drama Marco Polo. Although it ran for two seasons, the series reportedly cost Netflix some $200 million, a financial setback which apparently contributed significantly to the cancellation decision. Marco Polo had acquired a global audience. The production company filmed some episodes partly in Malaysia. The series starred Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo and Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan. Critics gave the show mixed reviews.


Marco Polo joins a growing list of canceled original Netflix series. They include Bloodline, Hemlock Grove and Lilyhammer. However, during 2017 Netflix will reportedly increase the number of original streamed television series it offers to the public. The programming decision suggests this programming has developed a loyal audience.


Among the anticipated new series scheduled to stream next year, Netflix reportedly plans to provide a 10-episode comedic series called Dear White People, based on an independent film by that title. The miniseries recounts the lives of minority students at a predominantly White Ivy League college. Another series, Bill Nye Saves The World will address several timely cutting-edge science issues, including global warming.