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Got a Real Estate of Mortgage Problem? Todd Lubar Can Help

Mortgages. The very word can send a chill down the spine of most homeowners. They are an undisputed fact of life in most places, even if we don’t particularly want them to be. They can be complex, difficult to deal with, and just a real pain. But, there’s someone out there who can help. Todd Lubar has made it his mission to help people deal with their mortgage problems. Not only can he deal with the mortgages, his skills with real estate in general can help you get the home you need.

Lubar has the experience and knowledge needed to help anyone with their problems. He worked in many high profile financial companies, including Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and the Legacy Financial Group. Not only that, he started two companies just to help people deal with this tricky subject, and a few other helpful services.

Lubar’s company, Charter Funding had the backing of First Magnus Financial Corporation, and so holds a great deal of resources to help anyone deal with any kind of problem they might have with their mortgage.

Legendary Properties, LLC was Lubar’s entry into other areas of real estate, which is his other great passion in life. Legendary is a residential development company that can set anyone in the state of Arizona up with new property, whether there’s a house on it or not.

With his extensive skills and knowledge in the field of real estate and finances, Todd Lubar can help you with any problem you might have with buying or paying for a house. So if you live or want to live in the great state of Arizona, seek out either of his companies. One will get you your dream house, and the other will help sort out your finances to pay for it in the best way possible.